4 Things to do Now That Pluto is in Retrograde

Pluto in retrograde

April 25, 2020 marks the day that Pluto stations retrograde. While the outer planets are typically known for the impact they can have on global events (Read here for thoughts on how Pluto in retrograde may impact the coronavirus), they can also signal life-changing moments in our personal lives.

Every planet is known for certain qualities. Pluto is perhaps the deepest planet there is, signifying healing; transformation; and even birth, death and renewal. With Pluto in retrograde until October 4, 2020, those themes may show up in your life in the next five and a half months.

Now there is no need to panic. I’m not suggesting that death is in your future, at least not in the literal sense. But when we close the door to a portion of our lives, a death occurs, paving the way for renewal, or something else to be reborn.

Understanding the retrograde period

When planets go into retrograde, they appear to move backward in the sky. This typically signals a time to slow down and process certain developments in one’s life. Insights may crop up suddenly, coming to the conscious mind from the deep subconscious and shedding light on an aspect of life.

They also add much-needed balance to life. There are times to move forward along life’s path, and there are times to slow down, reconsider and possibly determine that it’s time to shift directions. The retrograde period is the time to evaluate where we are and determine whether we are on the path that’s in alignment with our soul.

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So how can we take advantage of this Pluto in retrograde season? The following suggestions can help you to harness Pluto’s power. You might try one of these suggestions or all five at different periods of the five-month transit.

Explore secrets of the occult

Life’s greatest mysteries fall under the realm of Pluto, and that includes esoteric matters and metaphysics. If you’ve ever been called to explore the supernatural this may be a good time to take a psychic development class or strengthen your relationship with your tarot cards.

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Go to therapy

I’m a big believer in therapy. In fact, I think a visit with a therapist should be a part of our annual wellness routines. We all have issues in our life that we’ve struggled to integrate, whether it’s our relationship with our parents, the horrible partners we keep choosing or our inability to control our spending.

Whatever your issue is there is always hope for bringing healing to it. Pluto’s retrograde motion prompts us to focus on inner healing and transformation making this an ideal time to explore our inner demons.

Birth a new passion

Pluto is about death and rebirth. What have you always wanted to do that you have not yet taken steps to achieving? Maybe you’ve wanted to start a new business. (Now is an excellent time to start a lightworker business if you’re a healer at heart.) Or perhaps you’ve wanted to train for a marathon or become a law of attraction coach. Whatever new venture you’ve been thinking about starting, plant the seeds during this five-month period.

Own a new look

Transformation can be spiritual, emotional or even physical. This is a great time for a makeover, whether you cut your hair, refresh your wardrobe or adjust your style. Changing your look can be symbolic of inner changes; after all our outer environment reflects our inner state.

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