5 reasons online psychic readers trump face-to-face psychics

You’ve been feeling a little uncertain about a particular area in your life. Perhaps your job isn’t going well and you’re wondering if the challenging times will blow over or if you should get your resume out into circulation. Maybe you’re concerned about money. You have a lot of bills that are piling up and you’re wondering if a raise or promotion could be coming up, or if there’s an avenue that you should pursue to make money on the side. Or maybe love has left you with more questions than answers and you’re wondering whether a new love is a soulmate, or if a current love is cheating on you. In all of these situations, a psychic reader can give you third-party insight and help you to connect to your Spirit Guides to get the answers to your concerns. But should you go to visit a psychic reader face to face or should you contact one via the phone or Internet? While either one can offer you some peace of mind and help you to gain clarity over your situation, there are five ways in which online/phone psychics trump face-to-face psychics all the time.

They’re more convenient. Let’s face it. Sometimes we need advice from a psychic and we don’t have time to call one and make an appointment and travel to wherever we need to travel. Sometimes we don’t live near any psychics that we know of so meeting face to face isn’t an option. Sometimes we don’t feel like getting dressed and traveling somewhere to talk to someone. Online/phone psychics are available from wherever you are. You can call one up in the middle of the night, during your lunchbreak or after you’ve put the children down for a nap.

You can get advice immediately. Sometimes an event will occur to make us want to contact a psychic immediately. If you get a demotion you might want to ask someone right away about what career move you should make next. If you meet someone that intrigues you, you might want to talk to a psychic before you know you’ll see that person again. In order to visit with a psychic face to face, you have to make an appointment, and you may have to wait hours or even days to see the psychic to ask your question. Phone and Internet psychics are always available.

The psychic may have more objectivity. Have you ever wondered if a psychic knew something about you because your face gave it away? Perhaps you wondered if the psychic knew that you had boyfriend troubles because you looked down when he or she mentioned your love life. Since a phone/online psychic can’t use your body language to get clues into your life, you can be confident that any accurate information that he or she gleans about you came about because of his or her psychic ability.

It can be less expensive. Visiting a psychic face to face can be costly. It’s not unusual for it to cost between $50 and $75 to spend 30 to 60 minutes with a psychic face to face, even if you only have one question that you can get answered in 10 minutes or less. On the other hand, online and phone psychics can cost less than that. Psychic Source costs $1 per minute for new users of the service. Perhaps an even better deal, AskNow has a deal where you can get 15 minutes for only $10. So when your question is answered you can end the call whether it takes five minutes or 20 minutes. And you only pay for the time you use. You don’t have to spend money on time or questions that you don’t really need.

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You can try before you buy. Often you can tell immediately if you feel a connection to a particular psychic. You might decide in the first five minutes that you don’t like a particular psychic’s approach. When you meet with a psychic face to face, you have to pay the full price, usually upfront, for the full time whether you want to actually use all the time or not. However, with a phone or online psychic, you can decide after five minutes that you don’t like that particular psychic and only be out of about $5 — which is a very small investment. And then you can call a different psychic — in fact, you can ask your question of two or three phone psychics for the amount of money you’d spend asking your question of one face-to-face psychic.

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