6 Types of Psychic Messages and How to Tell Them Apart

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As you start to develop your psychic abilities and begin receiving psychic messages, one thing will become apparent: All psychic messages are not the same.

There are different types of psychic messages that have different purposes. For example, one message might require you to take action while another may simply be helping you to see a situation from a different perspective. 

Whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient or have a different psychic ability, psychic messages have a purpose and they provide information that you can use.  Once you understand what type of psychic message you are receiving, you’ll have a better understanding of what you are supposed to do with the information. 

You will probably receive different types of psychic messages throughout your life. Here are six common types. 

Psychic messages of encouragement

Among the most valuable types of messages are those of encouragement. These are the messages you get when you are feeling like giving up on a situation and you see a sign from the Universe that lets you know instantly that things are going to get better.

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You might pick up a book that changes your entire outlook on life or hear a song that gives you the strength to keep going in a difficult situation. Our Spirit Guides may use messages of encouragement to remind us that we aren’t alone and they’ve got our back. 

Messages about the past

Sometimes we get messages that shed light on something that happened in our past or perhaps the past of someone in our lives. Mediums often get messages from those who have crossed over to give to their living family members about past events. 

For example, a woman who is grieving her father might get a psychic message from her father via a medium describing why the father reacted a certain way years ago when the woman was a child. Messages about the past are often healing messages that help us to come to terms with a painful period in the past so that we can move forwad today.

Interesting to note: messages from the past don’t have to be about our current lives. They can be about our past lives too

Messages of insight

Some psychic messages are pieces of information designed to give us insight into something we are currently experiencing. These are the messages that seek to warn us if someone is lying to us, or if things are not quite what they seem.

For example, we may get a strong feeling that a work colleague can’t be trusted so we know to watch our back. Or maybe we get a psychic message that our partner is cheating on us so we can decide whether we want to continue the relationship.

Messages of advice

Psychic messages that provide advice are similar to those that provide insight, but they tend to go into more detail. Some psychic messages can provide guidance to help you determine what to do next. A tarot card reading is a psychic tool that is often used to get psychic advice or suggestions for moving forward in the way that is most in alignment with your soul. 

The key here is that the advice will come in the form of guidance. A psychic message won’t tell you what to do. It’s important for you to make your own decisions as you weight the psychic messages you have received. 

Messages that teach

Some psychic messages are designed to convey information and education about spiritual matters. Have you ever heard of people who channel spiritual information that they then teach to others? 

Abraham-Hicks and their Law of Attraction material is an example of spiritual information channeled through psychic messages. The Seth material by Jane Roberts is another example. In these cases, psychic messages are delivered so that one can gain new spiritual information and teach it to others. 

Messages that predict the future

These types of psychic messages are probably the ones most people are looking for, at least in the early stages of their psychic development. If you contact a psychic to find out when you are going to get married or whether you will get a new job, you’re looking for prophetic messages that will tell you what is in store for you in coming months or years. 

While prophetic messages can be helpful there is incredible value in all types of psychic messages. They can all provide information that can help you move forward more successfully down your personal path.

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