6 ways to use psychic ability at work

It’s one thing to be fascinated by how psychic ability works, but quite another to use it in your practical life. Think you can’t make use of your psychic ability in all situations? Try these six work situations on for size and see how your psychic ability can give you the edge.

You can identify the backstabbers. Most workplaces have people who are so focused on getting ahead that they will do ANYTHING to make sure that happens – including taking credit for your work, giving you false information and making you look bad in front of the boss. A strong psychic ability helps you to identify these people before they act because you feel uncomfortable around them, or they just give you bad vibes.

You can sense bad times a coming. Some people are shocked when their companies announce layoffs, but with a strong intuition, you can often pick up subtle signs that things are not going well in the workplace. It may simply be a matter of detecting anxiety and concern rolling off of your manager or the top executives in the company. You may also just have a strong feeling that it’s time to start circulating your resume.

You can identify a great opportunity. Career superstars don’t just circulate their resume when things are going bad in their current jobs. Instead, they have an uncanny ability to know when to apply for a golden opportunity or they seem to run into the right person at the right time. Don’t blame luck for their good fortune. Most likely, they’ve learned to trust their innate psychic ability and they allow themselves to be drawn to opportunities that will be good for them.

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You can make personnel decisions. If you’re the person doing the hiring, your intuition can help you to discern whether someone will make a good candidate. Even if you’re not doing the hiring, psychic ability can help you determine what team members you will work the best with and whether it’s a good idea to socialize with a particular co-worker after work.

You can detect lies. One of the most useful ways psychic ability can be applied is when using it to detect untruths. People lie for all sorts of reasons. Some of them are harmful, some are not. However, it is always helpful to have an idea that the information you’re getting can be trusted – or not.

You can determine your boss’s mindset. Is your boss having a good day or a bad one? Is this a good time to ask for a raise or a promotion? Psychic ability gives you a clue into someone’s inner state. You may detect that your boss is sad. Maybe he got in a fight with his wife, or perhaps he’s experiencing another personal crisis. If you sense that information, you may know to stay away and approach your boss in a couple of weeks when he’s in a much better mood.

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