A kinder set of tarot cards

If you like working with tarot cards, you know there are a few cards that can strike fear into the hearts of people who aren’t familiar with the cards’ spiritual messages. For example, the Death card is one that might briefly stop the heart of a novice, but those familiar with the tarot deck understand that the card isn’t saying you’re going to die, but rather describing a situation that needs to be released, creating room for something new.

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine recently released a new tarot card deck — Angel Tarot Cards — which she refers to as a ‘kinder’ deck. She’s replaced some of those ‘scary’ cards – in fact, the Death card in this deck is indeed the ‘Release’ card. The Devil card in this deck has been replaced with the ‘Ego’ card. Virtue and Radleigh also made sure that the imagery on the cards is friendly. For example, it’s not uncommon to see pictures of people lying face down with knives in their back in other decks. You won’t find such images here; rather, every image appears friendly, which makes sense when you consider the fact that even the worst circumstances create an opportunity for growth and healing.

Rather than the traditional Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles,  the Angel Tarot Cards use dragons, mermaids, unicorns and fairies to express their messages. And if you’re new to giving readings, the deck provides hints about interpretations as you go along. If you’re a collector of tarot cards, this deck will add a new dimension to your collection. If you’re new to tarot cards in general, this deck could give beginners the interpretive push they need.

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