A method to learn to read Tarot cards and gain psychic answers

Tarot cards are among the greatest sources for spiritual insight and psychic answers. However, if you’ve been trying to learn how to read Tarot cards, you may have found that it can be challenging keeping up with all of the meanings. One of the mistakes that people make when they first start to read Tarot cards is they put so much stock in memorized meanings that they fail to let their own inherent psychic ability guide them. While there are meanings that are assigned to Tarot cards, it is equally important to incorporate your own intuition into the mix when coming up with psychic answers. After all, Tarot cards are a method of divination. They are designed to help you to connect to the psychic ability that we all have.

tarotSome Tarot card readers report that certain cards mean certain things to them. One of the secrets of psychic ability is that everyone’s intuition communicates with them in a unique way. Symbols mean different things to different people. The image of a spider could elicit fear in one person and could signify power to another.

When you’re learning how to use a new Tarot deck, it is important that you learn what the different symbols mean to you. Here’s an exercise that can help you to do that.

Each morning before you start the day, pull a three-card spread. Set the intention that the spread will provide guidance for your day.  Look at the cards and connect with your inherent psychic ability to come up with the meaning of the spread. Do a reading for yourself and write down what you think the cards are trying to tell you. Then go about your day.

At the end of the day, pull out your sheet of paper with your interpretation of the morning reading. Also pull out the same three cards and look at them again. This time look at them and think about what actually transpired during your day. Do you have the same interpretation? Was your morning reading correct? You’ll likely find that certain cards are meant to convey certain things to you. While an interpretation may not have made sense to you in the morning, you may see it differently at night. By doing this exercise, you begin to see how your intuition speaks to you. So the next time you pull a particular card or the next time the cards fall next to each other in a particular way, you’ll have a better idea of how to read it.

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This exercise is also good because you’re only working with three cards a day. That gives you a chance to focus in on those three Tarot cards, making it easier for you to learn them and truly take in their symbolic messages.

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