A new parallel universe theory emerges

Many people who have experienced deja vu and other time-related phenomenon have wondered whether it was possible that there might be parallel universes. Parallel universe theories describe multiple worlds operating in the same place and time sometimes interacting with one another. Some believe that we can live in parallel universes at the same time. According to these beliefs, while it may seem as if our current life is all that we have, in reality, we are living other lives, having other experiences at the same time. Many even believe that each event that happens in one life can impact all of our parallel lives.

There’s a new parallel universe theory that has been described, called the Many Interacting World Theory. In this theory, the different worlds are not simply co-existing. Rather, they are all interacting with one another. What if a sense of deja vu you felt was caused by the fact that you had just been in that location in a parallel life? Your soul actually remembered the place because you had been there. However, the specific personality that you were experiencing at that moment had never set foot in that location. Imagine how much faster our souls would evolve if we could take the life lessons from multiple lives at the same time and apply them to all of our lives?

This latest parallel universe theory was presented by Michael Hall and Howard Wiseman from Australia’s Griffith University and Dirk-André Deckert from the University of California, Davis.The theorists are continuing to conduct research to prove their theory to be true.

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