A Psychic Warning That Could Not Be Prevented

I used to think that if you had a psychic vision or psychic warning of something you didn’t want to happen, you were given the message so you could prevent the event from taking place. However, I’ve come to realize that that is not always the case. A friend relayed a story to me:

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“Some years ago, I suddenly felt this nakedness or this vulnerability in my shoulders, and the words ‘car accident’ came to me. I felt naked and vulnerable, and then all I could think was ‘car accident.’”

She had never had such a strong feeling, nor had she felt that sensation in her shoulders before. Over the next few days, she continued to have a strong feeling that she was going to be in a car accident.

So what did she do? She did what many of us would likely do. She took that as a warning that she should not drive. For the next couple of weeks, she took mass transportation to work. She lives in New York City so luckily that was not too difficult to do. 

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She also had a trip to Washington, DC planned, and rather than drive as she had intended to do, she took the train. Once she was in. DC, she either took mass transportation or she got a ride with someone else. When it was time for her to return to New York, again, she got a ride with someone else.

Disaster averted?

At this point a few weeks had gone by and she had avoided driving and avoided being in a car accident. She was happy that she had heeded what she believed to be a psychic warning. She trusted strongly in the power of intuition, and she felt that she had dodged a bullet.

The next day was a Monday and it was time for her to return to work. She thought about taking mass transportation again, but she was no longer hearing the words car accident in her mind. The threat had evidently passed.

She went to work and arrived at her job safely. She completed her workday and thought about going to the gym, but instead, she decided she wanted to visit her parents. She got in the car and started driving to her parents’ home when a car ran a red light and plowed into the driver’s side of her car.

The accident injured her badly. She ended up with a traumatic brain injury that took months to heal. The other driver was also injured but he too recovered. 

Had she failed to understand the vision?

My friend thought about this experience for years, wondering if she had failed to heed the warning she had received from the Universe. She wondered how long she was supposed to avoid driving and how she was supposed to know when driving would once again be safe.

We recently had a discussion about it and I asked her if in the vision she had ever been instructed to avoid driving. She thought about it and said, ‘no.’ Rather, she had just heard the words ‘car accident’ and had the strong feeling that she would be in a car accident. She reacted to the psychic message by deciding that she would  avoid that outcome by refraining from driving.

But the psychic warning was not given to her so that she could avoid it. The message was giving her a heads up that something traumatic was about to happen. I believe also that the message was given to her so she would know during her long recovery that things had happened in her life just as they were supposed to happen. In a way, I believe the message was reassurance from Spirit that though this would be a difficult part of her life’s journey, it was all a part of her plan.

When looking back on the experience, she sees that there were positives that came from the accident.

  • It forced her to slow down and re-evaluate her life.
  • Her career changed dramatically.
  • Also, she received a monetary settlement from the accident that allowed her to pursue some other dreams that she had both personally and professionally.

Had she been given the option of being in an accident, she would likely have said ‘no thank you.’ However, the accident was part of her life’s plan. Yet Spirit gave her a heads up that this traumatic event was about to happen not for her to avoid it, but so she wouldn’t be blindsided when her life turned upside down.

Have you ever known an unwanted event was going to happen before it did? The next time you get a message or psychic warning:

First, listen closely to exactly what the message is saying. Are you being given instructions to do something or simply being shown a future outcome?

Second, pray or meditate, asking for guidance about what you should do next. Sometimes there will be nothing for you to do except wait for the event to come to pass and trust that your Spirit Guides will be there to walk you through it.

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