A Q&A With YouTube Tarot Reader Seanna Rose

If you’re a fan of political Tarot card readings, perhaps you’ve come across the YouTube channel of Seanna Rose. I stumbled across her channel one day when I was looking for clues about what to expect from the Mueller Report and I’ve been a fan ever since. Rose has been building a following as a Tarot reader while stretching her skills in mediumship, channeling and other ‘woo-woo’ arts. We asked her about her love for all things Tarot and how others might follow in her footsteps.

Psychic Lessons: When did you first become interested in Tarot?

Seanna Rose: When I was a kid, many of the adults around me were a bit religious, so I was told that Tarot cards and other forms of divination (other than what people do at church) were dangerous. And it wasn’t that these people were forbidding me from the “work of the devil” just to be mean or controlling, it’s that they actually thought these tools for spirit communication were harmful. 

However, I always had a secret interest in magic, Tarot and all things psychic. 

Psychic Lessons: What was your first exposure to Tarot Cards?

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Seanna Rose: I wasn’t exposed to Tarot or much else in the “woo woo, psychic realms” until I was much older. I took my Reiki levels 1&2 training back in November 2017, and the teacher showed us her Tarot and Oracle cards, and explained how they worked. I was fascinated! I bought some cards for myself, and just kinda played with them off and on for several months after that. 

Psychic Lessons: How did you learn how to read Tarot cards?

Seanna Rose: In late spring/early summer of 2018, I felt the need to study Tarot a little more. I had been reading on myself and thinking “huh, that’s neat, I wonder what that means,” and consulting the guide book. Eventually, I found a TON of information on Pinterest (where you can learn how to do anything) on different Tarot meanings, ways to interpret the cards, and so on. 

I also started watching Tarot readers on Youtube. The first reader I ever watched was Readings By The Empress. She’s brilliant. Later, I started watching other readers’ channels, including Jenn Lynn Tarot. Jenn Lynn had actually sent me an e-mail saying that she wanted to Skype and discuss cards. I was thrilled! She has given me amazing help and advice, and I’m so grateful to her for helping my channel grow!

Psychic Lessons: I see that you’re also studying mediumship, channeling and spirit work. Have you always been interested in these things?

Seanna Rose: Oh, yeah! But like I said earlier, I originally didn’t have a way to learn about that stuff. Now that I’m older, and really ever since I took my initial Reiki training, it’s like a whole door just swung open and now I have all these opportunities to work on the psychic skills that we all innately have. 

Psychic Lessons: I love your political readings as well as your historical readings. Which do you prefer and why?

Seanna Rose: I enjoy them both in different ways. I love that I’ve been learning so much about political affairs, yet I also love the research and planning that goes into a historical video. It’s like the two types have different energy. The political videos can feel very emotionally charged, and there’s always an element of “what’s gonna happen next?” whereas the historical videos depict events that have already happened; now we just have to piece everything together and figure out the story. 

Psychic Lessons: What surprised you most about Tarot cards as you became more familiar with them?

Seanna Rose: I’m surprised by a couple things. First, I learned that you don’t always have to look at the definitions in the guidebook that comes with the cards. It definitely helps you to get a basic understanding of certain cards, but what’s more important is the intuitive “hits” you get when you pull the card. Over time, your interpretations will develop and change. Go with it! 

Psychic Lessons: What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to learn to read Tarot cards themselves?

Seanna Rose: Pinterest is full of awesome ideas, advice, and tips on Tarot. You will also find an endless amount of spreads to try out and interpretations of cards. While that’s all fine, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of these meanings. It’s easier said than done at first, but you gotta trust your intuition and let go of the fear of being wrong.

Check out Seanna Rose’s YouTube channel here.

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