A Ritual for Manifestation: Make Your Dreams Come True

We’re all looking for ways to make our lives better. Maybe you want more money, or you want to manifest love or you want to manifest a trip around the world. There’s nothing too small or too big for you to manifest. You just need to know the right metaphysical tools to make it happen. It also helps if you know a ritual for manifestation.

ritual for manifestationOne of the most important steps in manifesting anything is setting an intention to achieve your desire. While setting an intention can be as simple as stating that you want to attract a certain outcome, you can give an intention more power by creating a ritual around it. Doing so documents your intention and gives it a magical push that can help to bring it to fruition. Rituals are also fun to do so they can add excitement to the process of moving toward your goals. And once you embrace and enjoy the process, the bulk of the work is done.

There are a number of rituals you can do when setting an intention. If any of the following appeal to you try it. Or you can always make up your own rituals. Any ritual for manifestation that makes you feel more excited about your intention is doing the job.

Write down your intention in a journal. ¬†Keeping a journal helps you to keep track of your desires and manifestations. Write down what you intend to attract into your life. Then go back and jot down when it happen. You’ll begin to see that you are manifesting a lot of things into your life and that will give you confidence in your abilities to create a life that you love.

Create a vision board around your intention. Populate it with words and images that help you to to visualize your desired outcome. Some people choose to keep vision boards where they can see them every day. Others put them away. Do whatever feels right to you. For this ritual for manifestation, the magic is in creating it.

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Light a candle and state your intention.  Candle magic is one of my favorite manifestation processes. When you light the candle, state your intention and express gratitude to the Universe for bringing it to you. Allow the candle to burn down. When the candle burns down completely, your intention has made its way into the Universe.

Do a new moon ritual. On the night of the next new moon, write down your intention on a sheet of paper. Either put it in an envelope and put the envelope away someplace or you can burn the paper with the intention written on it. Again, the act of burning transforms the energy of the intention and sends it into the Universe.

ritual for manifestationWhatever type of ritual you choose to do, the most important thing is for you to believe that your intention is a worthy one, and that you deserve to have it come to pass. Then, let go of the outcome. Setting an intention has nothing to do with figuring out how to make something happen. It is simply stating your desire and creating the space for it to come.

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  • How do I no the night of the new moon to start the ritual?

  • I use an app to track the moon’s phases. The one I use is called Moon Phase Plus. You can also get a lunar calendar or simply google it. There are a number of sites online that track the phases of the moon.

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