A tarot spread for Mercury Retrograde (and other retrograde periods)

Over the last few years it’s become so en vogue to fret about Mercury Retrograde. Even mainstream media that not so long ago had nothing to do with astrology are writing ‘think’ pieces telling you why Mercury Retrograde should leave you feeling very much afraid.

I call bullshit.

This spread can reveal what the retrograde is trying to teach you.

While most people who have a little bit of astrology knowledge seem to view retrograde periods with dread, I’ve come to look forward to them. They provide good opportunities to slow down, revisit recent decisions and experiences and go within.  I’ve come to look forward to these periods as moments of self-reflection and rest. A re-set you might say.

Mercury Retrograde, in particular, lends itself to a time when I can re-evaluate paths I’ve recently taken and make sure they are right for me. I also tend to find myself reflecting on certain relationships that have had an impact on me. Sometimes people from my past literally make reappearances because there is unfinished business in the relationship that we need to tend to. (Mercury Retrograde is notorious for ushering an ex back into one’s life.)

Sure, Mercury Retro is known for being a time when communication can be shaky or electronics can go haywire, so I make sure to give myself extra time when working on projects and I take even more care than usual when getting my ideas across to others.

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So you can say I’m a little proactive about Mercury Retrograde. 

How tarot can make retrograde periods clearer

One way I make this astrological period work for me is by using tarot to guide me and show me what areas of my life I should be reflecting on or paying attention to.

After I shuffle the cards, I use a three-card spread and lay the cards in a row. Rather than read the cards from left to right, I read them from right to left, which symbolizes the retrograde action of moving backwards. 

The first card (the one on the far right), symbolizes where I was before the retrograde period began.

The second card (the one in the middle), symbolizes what area of my life I am supposed to revisit or reflect on during the retrograde period.

The third card (the one on the left), symbolizes what I stand to gain by reflecting on this area of my life. 

I’ve often been surprised by what the cards show. The areas I think I need to reflect on are sometimes not the ones that Mercury Retrograde is calling on me to revisit. 

Also, feel free to do this exercise during any retrograde period that you believe will have an impact on you. Every retrograde period won’t affect you the same. Some will impact you more than others, and that is determined by your natal chart and how the planets in question affect it. An astrologer can give you more insight into which planets and which retrogrades will have the biggest impact on your life. With that information, this exercise can help you to make the most of this valuable period.

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