A Yes or No Tarot Reading To Try

yes or no tarot reading

One of the benefits of using tarot cards is that they can give you quick answers about what to do next. Some people only look to tarot to get a glimpse of what’s coming down the road, but I think this is a short-sighted way of leveraging this powerful tool. You can use tarot to attract love into your life. Or you can use it to help you make quick decisions.

Life is about decisions. Every decision we make either keeps us on the same path or takes us on a new one. Tarot can help us to determine which choice is most in alignment with our soul. But in order for us to get these quick answers, we have to know how to use our tarot cards accordingly. 

If I want a quick answer, I don’t want a tarot card technique that calls for extensive interpretation of the cards. After all, when I’m confused about what to do next, I may be so close to the situation that I see in the cards what I want to see rather than what they are trying to show me. In these situations I want the cards to quickly tell me the choice I’m pondering is either a good idea or it’s not. 

A tarot exercise to get quick advice

One exercise involves choosing a card deck that has a lot of imagery. A deck with abstract art isn’t a good choice for this exercise.  

Once you have your deck, think about a question you desire an answer to. This should be a choice you are considering where you want the tarot cards to let you know if this is something you should do or something you should not do. This isn’t an exercise to use if you want an analysis about why this is a good choice or why it’s a bad choice. Rather, this is an exercise that will simply tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ 

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Set the intention that you have an answer within 24 hours. (With this exercise, it’s important that you provide a cutoff time for receiving a message from Spirit. That way, you will definitely get an answer to your question.)

I always say a prayer before using tarot cards, asking that I get the answer that is in alignment with my higher self. I also center myself by closing my eyes, taking a couple of deep breaths and clearing my mind. 

Shuffle the cards until you intuitively feel the urge to stop. Then choose a card and turn it over. What is the first image that catches your eye? Hold that image because that’s the key to your answer.

Note what the image is. Note its color, its shape and whether it is an object you are familiar with. Now for the next 24 hours, be on the lookout for either that object, or something that reminds you of the object. For example, if the object is a bright color purple chair, you might see a curtain in the next 24 hours that is the same shade of purple and it reminds you of the chair. 

If you see the object or something that reminds you of the object in the next 24 hours, the answer to your question is ‘yes.’ But if you don’t see the object or something that reminds you of the object in the next 24 hours, the answer is ‘no.’

Repeat this exercise often

Try this exercise a few times with small decisions so you can see how it works and build up your trust in it.  Each time you do, document the question, the tarot card and the image that first caught your eye. Then make note of whether you saw the object, and the answer you received from the card.

Finally, follow the advice of the card and continue to write down updates as things progress in your life. Over time, you will find more evidence that you made the right — or wrong — decision. I’m betting you’ll find you made the right decision more often than not.

As you become more comfortable using this exercise, you’ll be ready to roll it out when you are at a crossroads and there is a major decision for you to contemplate. 

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