Aches and pains? It could be psychic ability

aches and pains psychic

Could a headache be telling you to stay away from someone? Could a nagging shoulder pain be warning you of danger?

Many people are surprised to find out that they’ve been receiving psychic messages all their lives — and never knew it. I’ve spoken to many people who believe the only way you can get psychic messages is by reading Tarot cards or gazing into a crystal ball. While those tools certainly can help, the reality is that many of us get our psychic messages through sensations in our physical bodies in the forms of aches and pains.

–You may have a stomachache that comes on out of the blue.

–Or perhaps there is an ache in your neck or on your arm or leg.

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–Some people experience aches on one side of their body when the psychic message is about a positive situation and the other side of their body when there is a negative situation or a danger around. For example, I know someone who feels a slight ache on their left side when they should say ‘yes’ to a certain opportunity and feels a slight ache on their right side when they should say ‘no’ to that opportunity.

Aches aren’t the only sensations that could indicate psychic ability. Some people feel a tingling, a heaviness or even a sudden sense of fatigue when their psychic senses are giving them insight.

The only way you can determine what your body is trying to tell you is by paying attention to your physical sensations at all times. Obviously, if there is a physical reason for your ache, it’s not psychic ability. For example, if you ate too much, that would explain your stomach ache, and if you overdid it in the gym, that would explain your aching arm.

But if the physical sensation occurs suddenly and with no explanation, it’s worth looking closer to see if you may be experiencing some psychic insight.

If you do have an unexplained sensation, do the following:

Record it. Write down what was going on when you experienced the physical sensation. Was there a certain person around? What were you doing? Were you faced with a decision? How long did the sensation last? Did the sensation go away after you took a certain action?

By noticing when such physical sensations occur, you may notice patterns, and then when you experience that physical sensation again, you’ll be more likely to know what it is trying to tell you.¬† may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.