Airline changes flight after psychic predicts plane crash

People can say they don’t believe in psychics all they want, but there are many signs that there is a healthy belief in psychics across the world. One of the most recent signs took place when TAM airlines changed a flight number after a Brazilian psychic predicted that the aircraft was going to crash.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, who says he predicted the deaths of Princess Diana and a Brazilian presidential candidate, Eduardo Campos, said Sao Paulo flight JJ3720 to Brasilia would crash as a result of engine trouble. Rather than take a chance on having that happen, officials with TAM airlines replaced that flight number with a new one — JJ4732.

When asked about the change, TAM airlines said it did so to protect passenger security in light of what it referred to as “indispensable information.”

This isn’t the only case of superstition among airlines. Most airlines do not schedule flights with the number 13 in them. hey also typically don’t include a 13th row in airplanes, as well.

The decision to change the fight number was a brave one, as it opens the airline to criticism from those who do not believe that psychic ability is real. While we may never know what would have happened had the flight number not been changed, it certainly doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution.

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