Am I psychic or making it up?

How to know it's not all in your head. Follow your intuition.

Every person I’ve come across who is on a metaphysical path has asked themselves this question at one point or another: Am I psychic or am I making this up? Even when I’ve known something was going to happen — and it did — I would think ‘that was a coincidence, and I’m making this all up.’

It wasn’t until I lived through the traumatic experience of being diagnosed with a serious illness  — and having my intuition guide me to go to the doctor and lead me to the surgeon that saved my life — that I finally accepted that my intuition is my super-power and it’s a gift that is meant to guide me through dark —  and bright — times.

But I could have figured that out sooner if I had taken a couple of steps.

I could have sought out other psychic stories

With the Internet and social media at our fingertips, it’s hard not to find what we’re looking for. Use your friend Google to look up real stories of psychic experiences. For example, this Buzzfeed article features stories from people about things psychics had told them that later came true. For example, one woman who had been trying to conceive was told by a psychic that she would be pregnant in November. The woman found out she was pregnant on Thanksgiving. 

You can also find people sharing psychic stories on sites such as Reddit, as well as in various Facebook groups. Once you hear other people talking about their experiences, yours will no longer seem so strange and you’ll realize that psychic/spiritual/metaphysical phenomena happens all the time if we open our eyes to it.

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I could have recorded all of my psychic hits

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to write every intuitive feeling I have, but I’ve found that keeping a psychic journal truly makes a difference. First of all, I often forget about some of the intuitive thoughts I’ve had and when I see them on paper, many times I have realized that the predictions were right. As I’ve started to keep a running tab of the times I was right, I have become more confident in my psychic abilities, and when I get a premonition, I no longer think I’m making it up.

Writing down my premonitions has helped me in other ways. It has shown me that my body feels different when I have a premonition as opposed to when I’m thinking from my ego. When I pick up on something intuitively, I feel very calm and detached from the situation. On the other hand, when I’m anxious about something or fearful something will happen (and it comes from my ego), I feel emotions whether it’s fear, anxiety, excitement or some other emotion. Now, when a thought comes to my head and I have that calm, detached feeling, I know that it is a premonition.

I could have investigated thoughts I believed to be intuitive

Here’s a thought: when you have an intuitive thought, why not play detective and see if it’s right. I actually got this idea when reading about the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia. The school has a program where researchers are investigating cases of children who remember past lives. One way they seek to determine the veracity of the cases is by investigating the details that the children remember. For example, if a child remembers a name or profession or some fact about the town they lived in during a past life, researchers might set out to learn if that individual actually existed, or if any other memories of the child can be documented and proven to be true. 

We can do the same thing with our own premonitions. For example, if you have a premonition that a friend is having marital troubles, perhaps ask about the friend’s spouse or if you’re close enough to the person consider asking them directly how their relationship is going. The goal isn’t to be nosy, but rather to get an idea of whether your intuitive thoughts were right. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.