Angel Signs: How to Know an Angel is Near

angel signs

Have you ever wondered if your guardian angel was watching over you? Maybe you sought guidance from Archangel Raphael? Chances are your angels have you in their sights. These angel signs suggest an angel may be nearby.

Angels are beings who guide us, protect us and aid the Universe in helping us to evolve. Angels are almost always around us, but sometimes angels leave signs particularly when they are trying to get our attention. If you look closely, you just might catch an angel nearby if you notice the following signs:

You see a white feather

Have you ever been walking outside when you noticed a random white feather float by you? It might not be so random after all. Often angels use white feathers to get your attention. The next time it happens, it may be a sign that you are being protected.

You hear the sound of bells

Ask 10 people if they’ve ever received angel signs and a couple may say they’ve heard the sound of ringing bells. Many believe that if you hear a ringing sound — particularly during a silent moment — this could be an angel trying to get your attention.

Angels communicate with us through all of our senses. Often our hearing can perceive things that are eyes can’t since our eyes are often tied to logic. (We need to see something to believe it.) But if we can ‘see’ with one of our other senses, we may be more open to believing and experiencing those things that we can’t understand logically.

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Bells also may be picked up by those who have the gift of clairaudience, which is psychic hearing ability. People with clairaudience can hear things from spiritual realms that others simply cannot hear. (Read: Signs You Are Clairaudient)

You smell flowers

So we’ve touched upon sight and hearing. Now there’s smell. Angels often appeal to the sense of smell and here’s the thing: they always do this in a way that would be pleasing to you. The scent would be one that is extremely appealing. Different angels may even be associated with different scents, so you might smell different scents at different times. If you begin to work with your angels, you may notice that when you call upon one to help you a certain fragrance becomes noticeable.

You see butterflies

One of the most delicate insects around — the butterfly — is often associated with angels. Some believe that if a butterfly enters your home or sits close to you, it is really an angel. There are also some who believe that angels use the bodies of butterflies and moths to move about in our Earthly realm. Butterflies are known for their beauty, and they often bring great comfort to those who see them. They are also known to bring messages from loved ones on the other side.

You hear a voice calling your name

Have you ever been out and thought you heard someone call your name, but there was no one there? That could be the work of an angel who is trying to get your attention. If the sound fills you with any emotion, leaving you feeling happy or even sad, that is yet another sign that you’re in communication with the angelic realm.

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