Animal Symbolism: The Message of the Armadillo

If you’re looking for spiritual guidance about a particular area of your life, there is good news: the Universe offers its messages through so many different vehicles. One is through animals. If an animal crosses your path or if you dream about it, it has a message for you that you can apply to your current life. The armadillo is a creature that is both unique in appearance and powerful in symbolism. Here is armadillo symbolism: what an armadillo has to offer you.armadillo symbolismDepending upon where you live, an armadillo may not be a common sight. Unlike birds and squirrels, armadillos by their very nature will likely capture your attention. So if an armadillo crosses your path, consider the armadillo symbolism. You can best believe that the message is important.

Armadillos are very unique-looking creatures. I once saw one crossing in front of my car and I was transfixed by its appearance. They are low to the ground and somewhat long and plated with an armour shell. There are 20 different species of armadillos, and they are typically found in regions of Central and South America. At least one species is found in the United States.

So what message does an armadillo have to give you? What armadillo symbolism should you be concerned with? First of all, always pay attention to what you intuitively feel when you see an animal that has crossed your path. Your intuitive feeling about an armadillo should always carry the most weight even before you look up meanings in symbol dictionaries and web sites such as this one.  If you’re not sure of what the armadillo is trying to tell you, consider these qualities.

The armour on an armadillo forms a protective shell. It keeps the inner, important organs of the armadillo safe. Think about it: the armour protects the armadillo’s heart.

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Is this a time when you should be more protective of your heart?

Are you giving your love away too fast?

Has someone recently broken your heart?

These are all questions that might be appropriate to ask when an armadillo makes its appearance. This might be a good time for you to be cautious with your heart and to protect yourself from others who may hurt you, even if they don’t mean to hurt you intentionally. The armadillo is also known to roll itself up in a ball to protect itself; again, there are times when we must be on the defensive to protect ourselves.

Another characteristic of the armadillo could provide further insight into the message the armadillo has for you. These are not social creatures; in fact, they are rather reclusive, sleeping approximately 16 hours per day.

Is this a time in which you need to retreat from the world and go within? Could this be a time when you are being called to stay away from social events for awhile and focus on other things. If you are being called to protect your heart, or to nurse a broken heart, it makes a lot of sense that you spend the extra time giving your heart and soul time to recover before moving forward in the world.

Some animals tell us to speed up and get engaged in life; the armadillo tells us to slow down, be cautious and protect ourselves. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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