Are spirit guides and guardian angels the same?

When you begin to work with your metaphysical helpers, it makes sense that you’ll want to know more about them. And you should. (It’s actually rather easy to find out more about spirit guides and the angels that are around you. You can simply ask them to tell you about themselves. You may pick up the information intuitively or you may notice a synchronicity or two, such as the lyrics of a song repeated twice in the same day.)

One question that many people have is whether spirit guides and guardian angels are the same. According to Doreen Virtue, who is known for her work with angels, the answer is ‘no.’

According to Virtue, there is one thing that both spirit guides and guardian angels have in common and that is that they both take a vested interest in you. She describes your guardian angel as that angel that stays with you and guides you over the course of your entire life. Your guardian angel was there when you were born and your guardian angel will be there when you die.

Virtue says that spirit guides also were there with you when you were born and will be there when you die. They also offer guidance and while they won’t make decisions for you, they can comfort you and even provide protection.

So how are they different? Doreen Virtue says that guardian angels come from the spiritual realm, while spirit guides are beings who once walked the earth. Your spirit guides may even have been ancestors that lived before your time.

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Virtue also says that spirit guides were given special training so that they can fill that role. That means you could even become a spirit guide after this lifetime if you so choose. However, according to Virtue, you could not become a guardian angel.

Learning to work with angels and spirit guides can be one of the most transformative experiences you can have. When you ask angels and spirit guides for help, they are willing to give you even more guidance along the way. (They don’t want to be intrusive, so often they will take a more hands-off approach if you don’t set the intention to work with them and invite them to be a greater part of your life.)

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