What is a Psychic Attack

what is a psychic attack?

Just as you could be attacked in a dark ally, you could be attacked psychically.  There might not be physical scars from a psychic attack, but you could find yourself affected physically, emotionally, and spiritually all the same. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is a psychic attack’ or ‘do psychic attacks really exist,’ this blog post will provide some answers.

As human beings we are all affected by a variety of external energies every day. Some of these energies come from nature, some from heavenly bodies, some from supernatural beings, and some from other humans.

What are Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks are negative energies that are directed from one individual to another and they can have harmful consequences. Sometimes these dark, negative energies are intentionally directed toward one or more individuals, in order to control, manipulate or in some way cause harm. Say you want to break up with a spouse or partner and you tell them that you want to go your separate ways. That person may then start thinking of ways to bind you together. They may decide to come up with a way to sabotage your work so you are fired and forced to stay. As this person is thinking about you experiencing unwanted things, you’re being subjected to a psychic attack.

Someone can also instigate a psychic attack unintentionally simply by thinking negative thoughts or directing negative thoughts your way. Jealousy can lead someone to wish you harm. For example, a person jealous of your relationship may wish something bad would happen to you so they could go after your mate.

These negative thoughts can have major consequences. In fact, they can affect a person’s physical and/or mental health, emotional and/or spiritual well-being, and basically every area of a person’s life.

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Some people are more vulnerable to psychic attacks than others. If you’re just starting to explore your psychic abilities and haven’t learned to ground and protect yourself, you may be more likely to experience a psychic attack. Also empaths are more vulnerable to psychic attacks than others because they are so sensitive to energy. 

How Can You Tell You Are Under a Psychic Attack

There are a number of symptoms or indicators that a person may be under a psychic attack. Some of these may be caused by things that occur naturally, such as an illness. If you are feeling unwell, definitely see your doctor to rule out a physical ailment. Once you do that, anyone experiencing these things should definitely consider all possibilities, particularly if one has reason to suspect a psychic attack.

  • Experiencing a drained feeling, or a sudden and ongoing fatigue for which no physical basis can be found
  • Suddenly becoming accident prone
  • Sensing a presence, or having a constant feeling of being watched
  • Feeling as if someone is touching you or bumping into you when no one is around you
  • Experiencing difficulties in some area of your life, such as relationship or financial difficulties that begin suddenly and continue to occur
  • Unusual behavior manifestations by pets in the home
  • Sudden unexplained illnesses that can’t seem to be diagnosed
  • Emotions that seem uncommonly irrational, such as fear, guilt, anger or sorrow
  • Becoming obsessed with negative thoughts that can’t seem to be controlled
  • Experiencing a sudden string of bad luck
  • Noticing major changes in abilities such as memory or analytical thinking
  • Visions, hallucinations or recurring nightmares
  • Unusual obsessive and irrational desires
  • Sudden onset of paranoia or unfounded distrust of someone normally trusted

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it can give you an idea of the types of things to look for if you suspect you are under a psychic attack. Basically, anything that is unusual, out of the ordinary, excessive, or obsessive for no apparent reason can be an indicator that negative forces are at work.

Psychic Self-Defense: How to Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

If you believe you are under some kind of psychic attack, you should seriously consider consulting an energy professional. Energy practitioners are trained and experienced in identifying, and eliminating harmful negative energies.

If you wish to try on your own to rid yourself of negative energies, or simply wish to guard against them in the first place, there are a number of things you can do. If your aura is healthy, positive and strong it will be hard for anyone to get through it to complete a harmful attack.

  • Keep a loving, compassionate and caring attitude towards others
  • Practice daily prayer, spiritual rituals or positive affirmations
  • Do relaxation, meditation or deep breathing exercises
  • Keep yourself grounded to Mother Earth
  • Avoid negative and harmful thoughts towards others (your thoughts could ricochet off of them and back to you.

There are also special protection techniques if you are an empath

Remember, caring for your psychic body is just as important as caring for your physical body. The more you practice positive energies the harder it will be for negative energies to get a hold on you.

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