Art and psychic ability

In Dale Mayer’s psychic thriller Hide’n Go Seek, the main character, a rescue volunteer named Kali,¬†grapples with a growing psychic ability that spills out of her subconscious onto a canvas. In a subconscious haze, Kali paints murder scenes before the murders have been committed.

Artists often talk about how they can get lost in their craft. Whether it is a novelist who feels as if the characters are speaking to her or a sculptor who loses all track of time when he is crafting his latest work, artists often feel as they are merely a channel for something greater than themselves.

But isn’t that what psychic ability is? Being a true psychic means accessing information and letting it move through you. It’s not your brain or your ego that accesses the information. In fact, the more tied you are to logic and the constraints of your ego, the less likely you will be to recognize or understand psychic information when you receive it.

Most of us can remember a time in which we lost ourselves in an activity that we enjoyed. We describe such as a feeling as ‘being in the flow,’ and we often long to put ourselves back into such a place. Yet as good as it might feel to ‘be in the flow,’ the only thing harder than getting there is likely staying there.

However, you can use art to help you to unleash your psychic ability. One way to do so is to write non-stop for a period of time such as an hour or thirty minutes. Don’t think about what you’re going to write; simply write off the top of your head and see what happens. Sometimes people report that mid-way through this exercise their thoughts suddenly seem to shift to something much more raw, more insightful and truly psychic.

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You can do the same with painting. Like Kali, you can put paint to canvas and, again, do not allow yourself to think about what you’d like to paint. Simply allow yourself to paint whatever comes to mind. Don’t stop yourself; don’t censure yourself.

It may take you some time to stop trying to think your way through creation. But in time, you may find that you can more easily get lost in a craft you love — and be more in touch with that powerful psychic mind in the process. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.