How to Ask Your Spirit Guides for Help With Love

How to ask your spirit guides for help

Have you ever seen someone have a great opportunity and fail to take advantage of it? That can be frustrating, right? You just want to shake the person and ask them what they’re thinking! Well that’s what many people do when it comes to their spirit guides. They fail to take advantage of the help their spirit guides can give them. One area where this is particularly notable: love.

We all have questions about love at some time in our lives. Maybe we want to know when we’ll meet our soulmate. Perhaps we want to know if a loved one is lying or cheating on us. Some may want to know if they are with the right person or if they should end a relationship.

All of these are great questions. In fact, psychics say that love is the number one issue that people ask about. It’s perfectly fine to ask a psychic to chime in on your love life. You might very well get the answers you’ve been looking for. But you can also ask your spirit guides to help you win in romance.

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Why spirit guides are in your life

Spirit guides are here to help us. Their mission is to help us to evolve and to give us a hand as we tackle challenges in our lives.

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However, spirit guides aren’t going to overstep your boundaries. They respect your power of choice and stand back and let you make your choices. If you don’t ask for their help, they will assume that you don’t want it.Yet, they have so much wisdom and can help to steer you in the right direction.

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Spirit guides also are not all alike. Different spirit guides have different areas of expertise. One spirit guide may be with you to help you excel in your career; another spirit guide may be there to help you explore your spirituality. So it goes to follow that one particular spirit guide may be there to help you with love and relationships.

How to request help from your spirit guides

It may seem intimidating to ask your spirit guides for help, but it’s easier than you think. Your spirit guides want to help you; don’t feel like you’re asking for too much. To ask for help with your love life try the following:

    • State your intention. Our words and intentions are our greatest powers. Let the Universe know that you need help. Either in prayer or meditation ask that a spirit guide who can help you with your love life makes him or herself known to you.
    • Ask for what you want. What is it that you want your spirit guide to do? Do you want them to give you some insight into what you should do about your relationship? Do you want them to help you to experience healing so that you can love again? Ask your spirit guides what you want them to do for you.
    • Look for signs. Some people — particularly those who are clairaudient — have success talking to their spirit guides. They may literally be able to have a conversation in their head with their spirit guides. However, those who don’t have that natural psychic ability can also communicate with their spirit guides by looking for signs. Maybe you hear a song on the radio that gives you an insight about your relationship. Perhaps you are drawn to a particular book or movie that gives you some direction about your love life.

When you ask your spirit guides for help, they honor your wishes. Journal any insights that you get after you ask for help and see whether you’re pushed in a particular direction. But here’s the thing. Be open to hearing the truth, even if it’s not something you want to hear. I’ve had the experience of getting all kinds of intuitive nudges about a relationship and they were all telling me the relationship needed to end, thought it wasn’t what I wanted at the time. Be willing to follow the guidance that you get. If you’re still uncertain, a psychic may be able to provide you with some direction.

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