Astrological Forecast: The Week Ahead: August 18 – August 25

The Sun continues to make its way through Leo until Friday August 23, when it moves into Virgo and Virgo season begins. With Leo front and center, don’t be surprised if you have a flair for the dramatic or want to be noticed for your efforts during the early part of the week. But once the Sun moves into Virgo, you may feel more productive than usual, as Virgo is arguably the most productive sign in the Zodiac.

With Mars moving into Virgo August 18 (where it will stay until October 4) there is even more of a tendency to become a workaholic. If there’s a dream project you’ve been putting off, this week might be the week to dust it off.

Venus moves into Virgo Wednesday, August 21, so the practical side of your relationships may take center stage. Doing things for your partner such as sewing on that button or cooking that favorite meal will show your love for them. If you’re looking for a relationship you may be drawn to someone who’s slow and steady rather than the exciting prospect at this time.

Venus and Mars conjoin August 24 in Virgo, which might set off some romantic fireworks. Expect passion and possibly drama.

A waning moon makes this a great time to focus on what it is in your life that you don’t want or that no longer serves you. (Read: What the Cycles of the Moon Can Tell You) Whether it’s unwanted pounds, a relationship that’s no longer good for you or clutter in your closets that you want to throw away, now is the time to focus on letting things go and opening up to the void that is created. (Remember, a void is needed for anything to manifest).

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This Friday, Aug. 23, the moon enters its last quarter, so at that point, you may start feeling the desire to slow down and get introspective. This is a good thing! Use this time to look at what’s progressed in the last few weeks and determine what you’d like to manifest starting with the next new moon, which will come around August 30th.

As far as the signs the moon will be traveling through this week:

From Aug. 18th though the 20th, the moon will be in Aries. Your leadership qualities may be in full display, or you may feel the desire to start something new.

On Aug. 21st and Aug. 22, the moon will be in Taurus, prompting a possible desire to nest or enjoy something pleasurable or luxurious. While the moon is in Taurus you may also be drawn to home and those who you are most comfortable with.

The week ends up with the moon in Gemini starting Aug. 23 so things may speed up for you and you may have the desire to get out and mingle. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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