How to Attract Someone Through Telepathy

Have you ever wanted to get someone’s attention but you did not know what to say? That’s the perfect time to attract someone using telepathy.

Sometimes it’s really important for someone to notice you.

  • Maybe you had a crush on someone and you wanted them to see you as a potential romantic partner.
  • Perhaps you wanted a manager to notice you and the work you did and offer you a promotion.
  • You might also have wanted a certain person to notice you because you believed you could be great friends with this person.

attract someone through telepathy

While many people act outrageously or depend upon their actions to make them stand out, telepathy can be a more effective way to get someone’s attention. In other words, you can attract someone through telepathy.

Telepathy is the act of communicating with another person without using words, but rather by sending and receiving thoughts from person to person. By using telepathy to pave the way between yourself and another person, you can send help to shape the relationship, and attract someone through telepathy.

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If you were to think negative thoughts about someone every day for a week, that person would likely feel uncomfortable around you because they would pick up some type of bad vibe from you. The opposite is also true. If you were to think positive thoughts about someone every day for a week, they would likely begin to feel better around you. They might not understand why their feelings would be changing about you, but they would sense the positive energy that you have been sending.

So how can you attract someone’s attention through telepathy? Try the following tips.

Learn to quiet your mind

Your telepathic abilities will grow when you are able to clear your mind. Meditation is a great way to do this. The more you meditate, the easier it will be to recognize the thoughts of others and the more clear you are about the thoughts that you are sending. If meditation is a problem for you, it’s worth spending time and effort getting more comfortable with it. Meditation¬†may work wonders in helping you to slow down the chatter in your mind.

Visualize good things happening to that person

If you want to attract someone to you, it’s important that you make sure your energy feels good to them. The way to do that is to think positive thoughts and imagine good things happening to that person. Doing so will shift the energy between you and the person.

Have a dialog with the person in your head

What do you want to tell the person? Have that conversation in your head. Tell them silently what you want to tell them and then be still to see if you sense any telepathic communication coming back to you from the person. Visualize yourself and this person having a productive conversation with both parties benefiting from the dialog.

Consider practicing telepathy before sleeping

You might have more luck trying to send thoughts prior to going to sleep at night. Our conscious minds relax when we sleep, so not only might you be more effective at getting your thoughts across, but the person whose attention you’re trying to get may be more receptive when they are sleeping as well.

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If you want to attract someone through telepathy, turn on your positive thoughts about that person and the type of relationship you want to have. Repetition is important. Don’t just do it once, but rather spend a few minutes each day on these exercises for a few weeks and see if the relationship changes. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.