‘Blue Wave’ Spell to be used Against Donald Trump

spell against Donald Trump

You may have heard about plans that witches across the world have to conduct a spell to bind Donald Trump this Halloween, or keep him from continuing his reign of power.

Binding spells do just what they sound like. They stop someone or something from committing harm. Some people use binding spells in matters of love. Others use them in all kinds of everyday situations. You can even use a binding spell to get relief from a nagging mother-in-law.

The current effort to bind Donald Trump’s influence has come about through the #MagicResistance, a group of self-identified ‘resistance witches’ who are committed to using metaphysical methods to remove Donald Trump from power. They have, in fact, done a series of spells keeping this goal in mind, with perhaps the biggest effort planned for the Blue Moon that occurs this year on Samhain, or Halloween.

Witches’ efforts to remove Hitler

This is not the first time in history that the metaphysical community has taken on a world leader. Back in 1940, British witches organized an effort known as ‘Operation Cone of Power,’ which was intended to keep Adolf Hitler from invading Great Britain.

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According to Mental Floss writer Tom Metcalfe, Gerald Gardner wrote about the effort in the book Witchcraft Today. They used their energy to try to influence Hitler’s thinking. The message they wanted him to get: ‘You cannot cross the sea.’

While there are conflicting accounts about the actual details concerning this magical ritual, what is known is that Hitler never brought his reign of terror to Great Britain.

How to conduct the Blue Wave Spell for the 2020 Election

Michael M. Hughes wrote a piece for Medium describing Blue Wave 2.0: A Magical Spell to Save America. He describes how the metaphysical community can unite and combine their power to help defeat Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election.

This is not the first Blue Wave Spell. Hughes and the magical community also conducted a Blue Wave Spell before the 2018 midterm elections and a Blue Wave did, in fact, occur.

If you’re so inclined to join the magical effort to perform a collective Blue Wave spell against Donald Trump this time, you can find the spell here.

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