How to Bond With Your Tarot Cards While You Sleep

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We talked about how sleeping with a tarot card under your pillow can help you to get psychic insights while you sleep. There is another reason why you might want to sleep with a tarot card under your pillow. Doing so can help you to connect or bond with your tarot with your tarot cardsWhy would you want to do that do you ask? If you begin to study tarot cards, you’ll discover that you develop somewhat of a bond with them. The more you use them, the more comfortable you’ll become with their symbols and the more comfortable you will get when you are doing readings with them. Some people say that they need to bond with their tarot cards before they begin to see any accuracy in their tarot card readings. If you begin to do tarot card readings for others, you definitely want to have a good relationship with your tarot card deck.

It can take some time to bond with your tarot cards. When you buy a new deck, be prepared to give it time. (If you find that you can’t seem to bond with a deck of tarot cards no matter how hard you try, they may not be the tarot cards for you. Don’t fret about that if it happens. Since you’re using tarot cards to work with your intuition, trust your intuition when it comes to how you feel about the tarot cards.)

Forget dreaming; bond with your tarot cards instead

One way to bond with tarot cards while you sleep is by–you guessed it–sleeping with tarot cards under your pillow. It is believed that when you do this, you will develop a subconscious bond with the cards while they are under your pillow at that time. If you’re sleeping with a tarot card under your pillow to gain psychic insights about a specific area of your life, it is recommended that you only sleep with one tarot card under the pillow at a time. However, if your goal is to bond with an entire deck of tarot cards, it is advised that you sleep with the entire deck under your pillow.

Some people have reported having success bonding with their tarot cards simply by keeping the cards nearby while they slept, such as on the nightstand. Others have reported having more vivid and colorful dreams when sleeping with their tarot cards nearby.

The most important thing to do is to pay attention to your own feelings about it. How do you feel about sleeping with tarot cards under your pillow? How do you feel when you put your head on the pillow and close your eyes?

If you don’t feel comfortable sleeping with tarot cards under your pillow, don’t do it. However, it’s worth a try if your goal is to bond with your tarot cards and you haven’t yet managed to become as comfortable as you would wish.


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