Boy identifies past life murderer

One of the most fascinating topics is past lives, and all of the information and insight that can be gleaned by learning about them. Many researchers are also exploring the scientific side of past lives — looking for evidence that they exist.

One case that is documented occurred in the Middle East, near the border of Syria and Israel. A three-year-old boy said he was murdered with an axe in a previous life, and he then proceeded to show village elders where his past-life body was buried. When the villagers dug up the area they found a man’s skeleton there. The three-year-old also showed the elders where they could find the murder weapon. Again, when they dug up the area that the boy indicated, the axe was there.

There are more interesting nuggets to this story. There is a belief that birthmarks are remnants from our past-life deaths. The three-year-old boy in this case had a birthmark on his head. The boy remembered how he had been murdered in a past lifeĀ — he had been struck on the head with an axe. Not only that, but the skeleton that was found had a wound in the head in the same location as the little boy’s birthmark.

Finally, the three-year-old remembered the name of his killer. At first the killer denied it, but when he was met with so much evidence, he eventually admitted it.

This story, and others like it, can be found in Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today.

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