Can you break a soul contract?

break a soul contractRelationships come and go, but some are more meaningful than others. Some of the most meaningful relationships we can have are those that we have soul contracts with. A soul contract is a pact made by two or more soulmates between lifetimes about how they will share a certain experience in a certain lifetime. The experience is typically designed to help each party learn a certain lesson. But what if a soul contract is made for an experience and you change your mind in this lifetime about going through with it? Can you break a soul contract?

You might wonder why you would want to break a soul contract in the first place. After all, soulmate relationships can only be good, right? While it’s true that soulmate relationships and soul contracts are meant to help you to evolve, the experiences might not always be pleasant. Think about how a bad experience you’ve had ultimately led to something good in your life.

For example, a layoff may have been a terrible experience but it may have led you to take a job in a different career field, which then led to you discovering your career passion. In that example, you may have wanted to avoid the layoff and all of the pain and anxiety that came with it, but doing so would have prevented you from experiencing the joy and exhilaration of discovering your career purpose.

Which leads us back to the question of whether or not we can break a soul contract. The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ We have the gift of choice, and free will is what allows us to grow and evolve. So even though we may have made a soul contract between lives, we can decide during the lifetime in question that we don’t want to go through with it. Books that examine the experiences of souls between lives often describe the pain spiritual beings have when they discover that they completed a lifetime without doing something they intended to do.

Some people believe that soul contracts can be unhealthy or can get in the way of your dreams. However, I don’t believe this, and I don’t believe soul contracts can hurt you. I believe contracts made out of fear or contracts based in the ego mind can hurt you, however. For example, you might have made a contract with another being to be blindly loyal to your own detriment. However, soul contracts are created between lives when we have the wisdom of the Universe behind us and we are acting through our wiser higher selves. If anything, a soul contract would have you become blindly loyal to your own detriment so you would ultimately learn how to put yourself first.

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Free will may also lead to soulmates having unfinished business in a particular lifetime. You may feel a strong connection to someone and feel like you’re meant to do something together and you may be right. However, that person may decide they don’t want to go through with the experience in this lifetime, which could you feeling confused and unfulfilled in the relationship.

However, eventually, all soul contracts are fulfilled. You may decide in this lifetime not to go through with a certain experience that you made a soul contract to go through, but since soul contracts are for our good, you’ll have another opportunity. It may be in your next lifetime or the one after that, but eventually your higher self will make sure that you receive the blessing of the lesson that the soulmate experience was intended to created.

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