Can a Precognitive Dream be Stopped?

Have you ever dreamt about something only to have it later happen? Maybe you dreamt about a conversation with a person and a few days later the person called you up and the conversation took place much like it did in the dream. Some people dream about tragedies such as plane crashes before they happen. Others might dream about something like a layoff or a new job offer only to find that the dream was prophetic . If anything like that has ever happened to you, congratulations. You have experienced a precognitive dream.

precognitive dreamPrecognitive dreams are those that seem to predict the future. While it can be exciting to have a precognitive dream if you’re dreaming about something that you want to happen — like a new love interest entering your life — it can be terrifying to have a precognitive dream that seems to warn you of something that you don’t want to occur.

So can you stop a precognitive dream from coming true?

Unfortunately, we often don’t recognize precognitive dreams for what they are immediately. Typically, it isn’t until an event that we’ve dreamt about happens that we realize in retrospect that we already dreamt about it. In such a case, it is obviously too late to stop the precognitive dream from coming true. However, if you work with your dreams, you may be able to recognize a precognitive dream immediately.

One of the purposes of psychic ability is to warn us about the future and to guide us so that we can make the best choices. If we intuitively pick up on information that has not happened yet, we should apply that intuitive knowledge and we may be able to affect an outcome.

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If you dream about an unwanted occurrence, first of all take it seriously. Try to delve down deeper into the meaning of the dream by writing about it in a dream journal. Allow yourself to write freely about the dream and everything you remember about it. You may realize that the dream is not a precognitive dream but rather a dream that is trying to tell you something about your life or a healing dream.

Another way to learn more about the dream is to meditate about it. Set the intention to remember as much as possible about the dream. You might even try using meditation music to delve deeper into your subconscious.

Hopefully, you’ve been able to remember details from the dream. Now it’s important to pay attention to your waking life to see if you note any of those details taking place. If you do, think about any actions you took in the dream and consider doing the opposite. For example, if you dreamt that you welcomed a stranger into your life and something unpleasant happened, perhaps you should be more wary of anyone new who enters your life at this time. ¬†Also, consider if the dream had a warning for you or provided instruction about what you should do next. If it did, trust your intuition and follow it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.