Can a White Aura Mean Someone is Near Death?

white aura

An aura can say a lot about a person, giving you insight into their personality or even their temperament. But some believe an aura can also provide a clue into whether someone is full of vitality or preparing to cross over to the other side.

For those who regularly see and read auras, the various colors can have different meanings. There can also be multiple meanings for a particular color. For example, a red aura could indicate that someone is very passionate about something, or it can suggest that someone is extremely angry. Red auras can also be a dead giveaway that someone is preoccupied with sex. (Imagine how helpful the skill of aura reading can be if you’re dating.)

Just like you might have one interpretation for a tarot card in one circumstance and a different interpretation for that same tarot card in another, you might interpret an aura’s meaning differently depending on the situation.

As with auras of all colors, white auras can too have multiple meanings. A white aura could mean someone is very spiritual or very pure. A white aura could also indicate that a Spirit Guide is working very closely with that individual.

But there is another powerful message that a white aura can give: in some cases it can be a sign that a person’s spirit is preparing to make the transition to the other side.

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If you can see auras, the stark tranquility of a white aura can be unsettling. A friend of mine once had her aura read by an auto imaging machine at a psychic fair. At the time, this friend was battling liver cancer. When her aura was read, it was completely white. This friend passed away four months later.

What to do if you see a white aura

Knowing that white auras sometimes indicate death, you might be wondering what you should do if you see one.

Don’t make assumptions

First it’s important to remember that death is just one of the many possible meanings of a white aura. Again, a white aura could indicate that someone is a healer or that they have a healing spirit about them among other things. You can learn about more ways to interpret a white aura here.

Focus on the bigger picture

Try not to panic if you see someone with a white aura, even if you suspect that death is imminent. If anything, be consoled by the fact that this is evidence that one’s spirit actively prepares for its transition to the other side. It can serve as even more evidence that death is not an ending but a transition to the next stage of life.

Record your observations

Whenever you see auras, take the time to describe them in your psychic journal. Your psychic journal is an important tool in your spiritual journey that gives you a place to keep all intuitions, messages and even dreams. That way you’ll have a record of all of the insights you have and you’ll have a better understanding of different psychic symbols the next time you see them. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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