Can someone contact you through your dreams?

We can learn a lot through our dreams since our subconscious often makes us aware of things that are just below the surface when we’re sleeping, but we can also communicate with others through our dreams.

Sometimes people who have a strong telepathic connection can transmit messages through dreams. If someone is thinking a lot about you, you may pick up on it when you’re sleeping since your conscious mind is quiet and your defenses are down. The next time you dream about¬† a loved one, it may be because that person wants very much to speak with you.

Some people who have a good handle on their psychic power can intentionally send a message to you through your dreams, though more often than not any messages sent are likely unintentional.

Messages from the other side

Not only can loved ones who are living send messages to you through your dreams, but so can your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. It is actually quite common to have a loved one visit you in your dreams.

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Many people who experience this phenomenon describe it as a wonderful experience in which they truly feel the presence of the person who has crossed over. Sometimes the person has something important to say that he or she did not get a chance to say before their death. Other times, the person simply wants to spend some time with you and the dream world is a way for him or her to do so.  In your dream, you may see yourself sitting with the person or conversing with the person. Most people agree that they wake up feeling the love from the encounter so they know that it is real.

Heeding the messages

If you ever wake up and feel like you have received a message from someone whether they are living or on the other side, you may want to record it. Sometimes messages don’t make complete sense right away, but in time you may realize its meaning. It’s very easy to have dreams and then forget about what you saw and learned. Keeping a notebook near your bed can be helpful since you can jot down what you remember when you wake up. You might also keep a tape recorder with you so you can wake up and describe the dreams and the messages that you received.

We are all connected — all people, animals and things. As we strengthen our psychic abilities we are able to better sense these connections, and sometimes we can benefit from listening to what others have to say whether you’re sleeping or wide awake. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.