Can Tarot Cards attract evil?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Tarot Cards is that they are evil or are a tool of the devil. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Tarot Cards are a divination tool that can be used to bring clarity to one’s life. In fact, regular playing cards were patterned after Tarot Cards so if you believe Tarot Cards to be evil, then you might as well stop playing Spades and other card games, as well. Some card readers even use regular playing cards to do readings rather than Tarot Cards.

The truth about Tarot Cards and any other form of divination is that they are neutral. They aren’t good or evil; rather they are a tool that can be used for good purposes and also used for bad purposes. Think about a gun. A gun can be used to protect someone and it can be used to murder someone. Guns in and of themselves are not evil, but rather the intention behind the user of the gun carries all of the power.

When it comes to Tarot Cards, the reader of the cards plays more of a role in the experience than the cards themselves. If you visit a Tarot Reader who has every intention of using his or her gifts to guide you spiritually, then you will have a positive experience. Likewise, if you visit a Tarot Reader whose intention is to scam you (unfortunately there are psychics and Tarot Card readers who perpetrate scams), then the experience will be a negative one.

If you have the urge to study Tarot yourself, you can use Tarot Cards to help you make decisions and gain clarity into the many questions you have in your life. You’ll know that Tarot Cards are for you if you feel excited by them or if you are interested in having a Tarot Card reader do a reading for you. As there are many different Tarot Card decks, you may notice that you are particularly drawn to some Tarot Card decks over others.

There are many tools available to help you learn how to read Tarot Cards. If you are comfortable with technology, one particular tool, the Ultimate Tarot Trainer, is a software program that teaches you the card meanings and how to do different spreads.

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There are also books that you can use. If you buy a set of Tarot Cards, most likely the cards will also come with the meanings and an explanation for how to do certain spreads.

While it’s good to know the meanings, it’s important to know that you might intuitively pick up something different from the official meanings of the cards, and that’s ok. When you do a psychic reading, the Spirit world is working through you. The Tarot Cards are designed to help you to connect with your Spirit Guides and your higher self to receive messages from the Spirit realm. Make sure you don’t get so bogged down with trying to memorize what each Tarot Card means that you don’t pay attention to what your own inner guidance is telling you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.