Can witchcraft get you what you want?

Whenever a group of people are widely persecuted, it’s usually because another group of people either a) fears them, b) misunderstands them, or c) both. In the case of witches, the answer is C. Throughout history we’ve seen stories of witches being persecuted from the Salem Witch Trials, to persecutions in Africa, Europe and all across the world. One reason witches have been universally feared is because society recognizes that they have a lot of power. Unfortunately, people have historically chosen to fear that power rather than take the time to learn how to use the power in their own lives.

But today, many people have wised up and they are looking at the wisdom that witches have to share. In some cases people are compiling the knowledge and disseminating it to people who are ready for the information. The Universe has a funny way of working. When you’re ready for certain information, you’re attracted to it. The fact that you’re reading these words suggests that you’re now ready for information on the power of witchcraft.

We’ve all heard of spells and you’ve probably heard about them in a negative context, such as someone casting a spell on another person to hurt them. It’s true that a spell can be used to hurt someone, but in reality, most spells are designed to help you to manifest goodness in your own life. If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, or the book The Secret, you’re familiar with the universal law that you attract your life with your thoughts. The principle behind witches’ spells is the same. And once you understand how spells work, you can use them to help you to attract the money, relationships and events in your life that will bring you the happiness that you want.

One way to learn about witches’ spells and a lot of other secret knowledge that witches possess is through the book WitchCraft Exposed. This book, which was almost banned because of the secret knowledge that it possesses, ¬†includes insights into why magic is so powerful, the biggest mistakes people make when they try to use magic, and the top thing to do to always bring prosperity into your life. The book also includes some of the secrets known to solitary witches, such as how to practice astral-projection, how to create potions and how to use fortune-telling tools such as Tarot Cards.

How secret knowledge can help you

You don’t have to become a witch to benefit from this information. Anybody who wants to have more control over their lives can get something out of it. The information contained in WitchCraft Exposed can help you to:

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  • Learn how to use incense and crystals to magnetize your dream job to you.
  • Create your own spells for money, love and clarity.
  • Learn to protect yourself from the bad vibes and intentions of those who are jealous of you.
  • Use astral projection to experience realities other than your own.
  • Learn to create magic that works.

The book also contains some ready-made spells to help you do such things as attract your soulmate, strengthen a current love, and protect you from danger.

If you’ve ever been curious about the secret knowledge that witches possess, now is your chance to not only explore it, but to practice it. Understand first-hand the power that people have feared for centuries. But rather than run from it, be wise enough to use it by ordering WitchCraft Exposed¬†today. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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  • Eileen Holland presented us with a very wouderfnl book called The Wicca Handbook . It was a great beginning for anyone looking to start on the path of Wicca and it could be used by either solitaries or those looking to be coven trained. This book Spells for the Solitary Witch focuses on spells and spell work specifically for the solitary practitioner. Again we are presented with Ms. Holland’s easy to read and follow style of writing. She lays her book out according to the kind of spells you may want to do, and lists her spells according to what you want to accomplish when working your spells. I have to say her opening section, entitled :Before you Begin is exceptional in explaining basic spellwork, what it is, what is magic, ethics when working magic, personal responsibility and terminology. This is an excellent reference on it’s own and should be suggested to all beginning spellworkers as a point of essential reference. I wish Ms. Holland would have expanded this section, as she did it so well, but it does stand on it’s own as a very good overview. The sections on actual spellworking are divided into seven chapters, covering Inner Work, Goals, Hopes, Wishes , Love , Life Enhancement , Problem Solving , Magickal Candle Gardens , and Tea Potions . Each section has a selection of spells for various situations. Under Inner Work we find spells for acceptance, getting over it, even personal power talisman, a tool for building self-confidence. Each spell has complete instructions and directions on how to use the spells for each intent. A list of needs is followed by preparation and the actual spell working, which may include an incantation, ritual, and sometimes an afterward or review of what should be the focus and how you should react to the spellworking. With the Talisman, she discusses creating these talisman, the proper signs for you, day workings and correspondences, and all you would need to know to create and use a personal talisman. Going forward into the various chapters, each chapter contains spells referencing the chapter title. In Goals, Hopes, Wishes we have spells for goals you wish to reach, spells for special wishes, interview charms; all with discussions on your intents to what you want to achieve and how to work the spell. The Love section has workings for personal enhancement, to bring love into your life. The Life Enhancement chapter has spells for home blessings, abundance, fertility, joy, and protection to name a few. Problem Solving covers dealing with major mistakes, fearsome problems, problematic persons and hard times. What I note in her spells is that when a spell calls for a potion as in her Tragedy Potion (for someone who has just encountered a tragedy in their life and you offer them this potion to help calm nerves and help them center and balance) the ingredients are noted and the appropriate cautions are given. In this case, she gives a recipe for a hot cup of cocoa, with some oil of peppermint. She notes Note: this potion isn’t for you if you are lactose-intolerant, allergic to chocolate or peppermint or have any medical reason that precludes its use. Wise words from a wise witch. The book contains many notes of wisdom. Magickal Candle Gardens focuses on candle magic to assist persons in need. The garden is built indoors, containing candles arranged for your specific purpose and using candles of specific shapes and size depending on the needs. After going over the plans and the layout, it looks to be something even I would consider as a special magical working, being attractive, practical and very especially magical. The last chapter is about Tea Potions specifically, and again, contains potions to work on yourself for specific situations you may encounter, such as personal health, luck, creativity and success to name a few. She works some of the potions with runes, others with chant. The only note I have here is that she did not repeat her good advice about being allergic to certain herbs, as most of these teas are herbal in their base. Please use your own digression when preparing these teas and if allergic, then look for a substitute. Many of these spells are worked in conjunction with a particular Deity. That is the heart of Wicca, we work magic in conjunction with our chosen Deities. The back of the book has a Glossary of Deity Names , a list of Deities, their tradition and their attributes. Even if you do not wish to work with the Deity mentioned, the list in the back will give you a good choice of Deities you may want to substitute for the one listed. Also, there is a generic list of General, all purpose Deities listed, such as Great Goddess or The Lady if you are unsure, or your path is not specific. And finally, the book is indexed, for quick references

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