Can you apologize using telepathy?

Being able to communicate telepathically can be helpful in a broad variety of ways. If you’ve ever been so close to someone that you knew what they were going to say before they said it, you have already developed a telepathic relationship. But can you use telepathy to send specific information to someone, such as an apology? The answer is yes.

So why would you want to apologize telepathically rather than face to face? There are a variety of reasons. Sometimes a relationship is so broken that the two parties are not speaking. For example, if you’ve done something to hurt someone and you want to apologize, how can you do so if the person you want to apologize to won’t even take your calls? In this case, telepathy is a good way to get the message across.

There may also be times in your life when you don’t want to invite someone back into your life, but you want to apologize. You may feel that it is best for you and this person to part ways, but you may be afraid that if you do talk via telephone or face to face, it will be harder for you stick to that decision. In this case, a telepathic apology could be your best solution.

Then there are times when you have lost touch with someone and you don’t know how to reach them. What if you’re going back over your life and you decide that it would help you to apologize to all of the people that you have ever hurt. This is something that people going through 12-step programs, for example, often do. Sure, you can log onto Facebook and perhaps you may find some of these people from your past, but there are other people who might be physically gone from your life forever. A telepathic apology can reach the person wherever he or she is, and you don’t have to know where they are to transmit the message.

You can even use telepathy to apologize to someone before you apologize in person. Communicating with someone telepathically can pave the way or open the person up subconsciously to your words.  Sometimes a telepathic apology can serve to soften someone’s heart toward you and when you apologize in person, they’ll be more accepting of the apology.

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So how do you send an apology using telepathy? Much of it is intention. Get still and get into a meditative state. Concentrate on your breathing and relax. Visualize the person you would like to send the apology to. Visualize them sitting with you somewhere peaceful, such as a garden or a beach.

Tell the person in your mind what you want to tell them. Apologize for your actions and thank the person for helping you to learn an important lesson in your life. Once you do that, release the situation and then forgive yourself for what you did. And move forward and do better the next time. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.