Can you make extra cash as a psychic?

If you’re interested in all things psychic, you may find yourself doing things to strengthen your own psychic ability, such as taking a psychic development class like John Holland’s Psychic Ability Made Simple, or doing psychic readings for friends. However, a time may come when you wish to take your psychic skills beyond your immediate circle. Some people make extra cash by doing readings on the side while keeping their full-time jobs; others have managed to launch a full-time business by doing psychic readings and offering other types of holistic services such as workshops and classes.

There is more interest in psychic services today than ever before. In fact, the market for psychic readings has been estimated to be a whopping $2 billion. Many people look to psychics for guidance and spiritual advice. As with all types of businesses, it must be noted that there are some bad apples. Psychic scams seem to be flourishing these days, as well. However, people who are using their psychic ability in responsible and ethical ways are not only helping people to move forward during confusing times, but they are teaching others how to strengthen their own psychic ability. After all, psychics aren’t special people with unique powers; everyone has psychic ability or intuition and can take steps to strengthen their inherent capabilities.

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