Can you tell the future with psychometry?

The term psychometry refers to the ability to learn the history of an object through physical contact. Although some may think this is the stuff sci-fi horror films are based on this psychic ability has strong roots in physiology and has been around for quite some time. In fact, it is a unique trait that allows those who practice it to see into the past and obtain knowledge that is otherwise unavailable.

The term ‘psychometry’ was first coined by an American professor named Joseph R. Buchanan back in 1842. Those who practice it can hold an object in their hands or against their head and “see” its history by receiving images, scents, sounds, vibrations or tastes that give a picture of the object’s past.

These sensory impressions can tell a psychic things like the age of the object, the owner of the object or any emotions that may be tied to it. For instance, a psychic can hold an antique broach and may suddenly get a whiff of jasmine or an image of a plantation. That might tell the psychic that the owner of the broach was originally a Southern belle. The flashes of information form a story for the psychic to tell.

Many associate pyschometry with street fair tricks due to how it has been shown in the television and the movies. Psychics who practice it are often made to look like charlatans, wearing silly turbans and acting overly dramatic, swaying and gasping as they hold an object. In reality, a psychic practicing the art of psychometry is usually still when he or she is being hit with these images as their body absorbs the energy of the object and translates it.

Though some doubt the validity of this field there is substantial evidence and there are first-hand accounts to support its existence. More importantly, this talent is rooted in science, as it has long been believed that every object has an energy or “force” field that gives off vibrations. Therefore, it is not so far-fetched to believe that energy can be “read.”

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Also, pyschometry is not being touted as the ability to read minds or actually see the entire history of an object. It is admittedly subjective and not perfect, nor is it meant to be.

Psychometry is just another way to interpret the vast information that is around us. When we open our minds and our “eyes” to truly see and experience everything in our environment, we get a clearer picture of past, present and in some cases the future. Psychometry is not hocus-pocus; it is an inborn talent that should be respected and admired.

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