Can your present life affect your past life?

One of the most mind-dazzling metaphysical concepts is that of living multiple lives simultaneously. Since time is an illusion, many believe that the past, present and future are all taking place in real time. That would mean that you are living your past lives and present lives and future lives right now. Since it’s a given that your past life can affect your present life, if both are taking place at the same time, can your present life alter your past? Some people believe that to be so.

past life can affect your present lifeThink about how that would play out in real life. Think of the power your every decision would hold. If you could do something in your present life that erased a part of your past, doesn’t it stand to reason that you might then see a change in your present and future?

Say, for example, in a past life you stole something very valuable You may have been a greedy person who longed for everyone else’s stuff. Maybe you got away with it in your past life. Perhaps, nobody knew that you did it or you were so powerful that nobody did anything about it.

However, karma does not play favorites. If you took something valuable from someone in a past life, you may pay for it in your present life. Maybe you’ll have something valuable taken from you, or perhaps karma has set it up so that you will live a destitute life in which you never seemed able to successfully amass valuable belongings of your own.

You might also have karma with the person you stole something from in the past life. Perhaps in this ¬†current life, you’re destined to struggle with this person constantly. Maybe it’s a family member who you argue with constantly. Perhaps it’s a boss that keeps holding you back at work. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship that you can’t seem to shake. Often chronic problems and mistakes that we repeat over and over again have to do not with a current lifetime habit but one that you’ve brought over from a past life. After all, your past life can affect your present life.

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So what if in your present life, you perform an act of kindness that is extraordinary. Perhaps you give to an organization philanthropically. Maybe you take in a child that needs a home. Maybe you advocate for people who have had something unfairly taken from them. Karma works both ways. Good acts yield good acts. When we do good for others, good comes back to us.  So getting back to the subject matter of this blog post.

When we perform acts of goodness in our lives, can they erase some of the bad karma in a past life? If so, that would automatically alter the present. Perhaps we notice an instant shift in the relationship with that person we always argue with. Or maybe we start attracting better luck and we’re able to amass more money and other material things with less trouble. That would also alter our future life so that we would once again notice better karma coming our way.

The idea is a fantastic one, but it’s no harder to believe than anything that we can’t see with our eyes. There is much to the workings of the Universe that we don’t quite understand. It isn’t always necessary to understand something to make it work for you. Yes, a past life can affect your present life. However, the next time you have the opportunity to do something good in your life, remember this: Your past, present and future may all benefit as a result. Read more about past lives from our archive. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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