Chakra Healing Technique: An Oracle Deck That Can Help

Chakra healing is a journey. If you’ve ever come across someone who says they are perfectly healed and no longer have any issues, run as far and fast as you can. The enlightened soul knows that you don’t get a sudden epiphany one day and realize that you are healed. There is always something else for you to learn or something else coming up for you to work on. So how do you know which of your chakras might need a little extra attention?

chakra healing

If you aren’t sure what the chakras are or you have questions about their general means, read The Chakras and Their Meanings. Once you are ready to start balancing your chakras, consider tools such as this set of Oracle cards.

Chakra Insight Oracle Cards by Caryn Sangster and illustrated by Amy Edwards offer a fun way to find out. The 49-card deck and 148-page guidebook give you the tools to intuitively determine which of your chakras need balancing, as well as key areas in your life that chakra healing can improve.

The deck contains seven cards for each of the seven chakras. Each card represents an aspect of that particular chakra that might need a little healing.

How the Chakra Insight Oracle Cards work

For example, take the base chakra, often referred to as the root chakra or the first chakra. This chakra governs our physical world and aspects of our survival. It has to do with our ability to create a strong foundation in our lives, and it has to with being grounded and safe and provided for.

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In the Chakra Insight Oracle deck, there are seven cards pertaining to aspects of the base chakra:

  •  The first card has to do with the base chakra in general
  • The second card has to do with your tribe or family, as well as your sense of belonging and safety within that framework
  • The third card has to do with your ability to take physical action to move toward your needs, dreams and desires
  • The fourth card has to do with your home, and whether your place of shelter is safe, warm and inviting. The card states that “your home is a reflection of your state of being
  • The fifth card has to do with your physical health. Not only does it have to do with how well you take care of your physical body, but it also deals with issues of self acceptance and body acceptance
  • The sixth card has to do with your ability to be grounded. Do you live in the present moment and have an energetic connection to the physical life that you care currently living. Are you free from anxiety and depression and able to take life calmly as it comes
  • The seventh card has to do with your material possessions, particularly those related to survival. This could include your finances and your ability to have enough money to meet your basic needs. It also has to do with other belongings you have, which could have a financial or emotional meaning to you. This could also speak to whether you have too many belongings and are afraid to let things go. For example if you are a hoarder, that could indicate that your root chakra needs some balancing.

How the cards help with chakra healing

There are a number of ways that you can use this chakra healing deck. Here are a couple of options.

A one-card spread

You can pick a card of the day, and take it as Universal guidance that you need to focus on that area of your life on that day. For example, say you pick the sacral or second chakra card that focuses on Sexuality. The guidebook reads:

On a surface level, this card is an invitation to become aware of and communicate your sexual values, needs and wants with your partner…On a deeper level, it is time to raise your awareness of the ‘Divine’ aspects of your own sexual energy.

To honor that card of the day, you might talk to your partner about your desires or journal about your feelings on sexuality.

A three-card spread

You can pick three cards and have one represent the past, one represent the present and one represent the future. Use the cards as tools for insight into your life journey.

chakra balancing

A simple chakra spread

You can use only the seven main cards for each chakra and do a reading to find out which chakra in general you should work with. Once you’ve done that, use the various cards that fall under that chakra category to focus on one aspect of the chakra each day.

I chose to utilize the one-card spread and noticed that certain cards kept coming up (suggesting that I focus on my sacral chakra and my throat or fifth chakra).

You can also make up your own spread. As long as it feels right intuitively to you and you know how it works, you’re good.

If you like using Oracle cards and you want to do a little chakra healing at the same time, this Chakra Insight Oracle deck is worth a look. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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