Why I cleanse my crystal jewelry

how to cleanse crystal jewelry
Yes, I cleanse my crystal jewelry, including this bracelet that helped me to attract love into my life.

It’s no secret that I love to wear crystal jewelry. It’s a way for me to practice magick without having to think too hard about it. When I’m working on something in my life, I look for a piece of jewelry that can help. For example, when I’m feeling anxious, I may wear hematite rings. I’ve also worn a bracelet made of rose quartz when I was tired of being single and ready to attract someone in my life. (By the way, it worked.)

But while it’s easy to wear crystal jewelry and reap the benefits of its power, there is still a little bit of work to be done: You must cleanse crystal jewelry regularly.

Many of us know that we have to cleanse our crystals when we first get them and every so often, but you might not realize that crystal jewelry needs the same kind of love and care. Think about it, when you’re using crystal energy to absorb negative energy, don’t you want to make sure that energy is removed? Do you really want to put that piece of crystal jewelry back on with all of the negative energy from the day before still clinging to it?

To cleanse your crystal jewelry, you can use some of the same methods as you would use to cleanse a regular crystal. However, for some reason, I feel funny about using some of those tried and true tactics for jewelry. For example, one of my favorite ways to cleanse a regular crystal is to place it in table salt. Yet, something inside of me cringes when I think of putting a piece of jewelry in table salt. Maybe it’s the idea that jewelry is precious and used as a tool of beautification.

My favorite way to cleanse crystal jewelry is to sit it in sunlight or moonlight, or in some cases, both. Since I typically take my jewelry off at the end of the day, I generally use moonlight. When I take the jewelry off, I sit it in a window where it will have full access to the moon’s rays. If the jewelry is being used to absorb negative energy, I may leave the jewelry in the window to also benefit from the energy of the sun.

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After 12 hours of moonlight, or 24 hours of the moon and sun together, my crystal jewelry is ready to go to work once again.

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