Communicating with the dead? You may be a medium

Many psychic mediums first begin to explore their spiritual gifts after the death of a loved one. In fact, it’s not unusual for one to explore psychic development after a loved one has crossed over to the other side. The reason for this is actually quite simple. Many people are afraid of ghosts, and the thought of communicating with a dead person may seem terrifying. Yet once you lose a loved one, communicating with the dead becomes less of a scary proposition. In fact, you may have a strong desire to communicate with a loved one who has crossed over to the other side.

It’s not unusual for people to visit psychics or read books about psychic development in an attempt to figure out how to communicate with a dead loved one. Many people experience frustration when it doesn’t happen right away, but in time, usually when one begins to relax and not think about it so much (remember a watched pot never boils), that communication with a dead loved one may in fact take place.

Dream meanings: Dreaming of dead people

For many people, that communication takes place during dreams. You may dream about a loved one who has crossed over to the other side and the dream may leave you feeling warm and loved. If you feel good when you wake up, chances are you were communicating with your loved ones. There are also cases in which a loved one passed away after a long sickness. If that is the case and you dream of the loved one and he or she is sick or suffering in the dream, chances are you are just dealing with your subconscious pain over the illness. Our loved ones on the other side are no longer sick and suffering. They will not appear to us in that manner.

Once people lose the fear of communicating with the dead, they may find that they have a natural ability to do so. There are many ways that those on the other side may seek to get your attention. You may notice lights flickering or turning off by themselves. The radio or television may shut on and off by themselves. You may hear strange noises like tapping coming from another room when nobody else is in that room. You may just know things about people who have died — or even those who are living. The knowledge you have about someone who is alive may in fact have come from a spirit on the other side who has found a way to communicate that information with you.

How to communicate with the dead

One of the keys to strengthening your ability to communicate with the dead is losing the fear about it. Then, seek resources to develop your own psychic ability. Read books such as The Happy Medium: Awakening to Your Natural Intuition by Jodi Livon.

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