DCMindBodySpirit.com: Web site sheds light on psychic DC

If you live in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, which includes Maryland and Virginia, you might be interested to learn about a new Web site that features local holistic and metaphysical events.

DC Mind Body Spirit launched this month, allowing people to post holistic events, as well as find events of interest. The site also features a blog that highlights local events that would appeal to the metaphysical community.

Among the first events featured¬†are a BuddhaFest, a festival that features films, talks, meditation and music that would be of interest to the Buddhist community; the Millionaire Mindset Intensive, a weekend advertised as being capable of changing your prosperity mindset; and a visit by Amma “the hugging saint,” a spiritual leader known for her compassion.¬† From ghost tours to green festivals the site has you covered.

If you want to add your own holistic event, simply register on the site and post the information. Currently it is free to list your event. It’s also free to browse events.

Since new events can be added at any time, this is a site for those in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia) to bookmark. You can also subscribe to get holistic events sent straight to your inbox on a weekly basis.

Want to learn how to recognize — and trust — your own messages? Sign up here.

If you love metaphysical and psychic events, you’ll want to check this Web site out. The site could also be a first step in strengthening the DC area’s holistic community.

Too bad every city doesn’t have a compilation of local events that cater to the metaphysical community.

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