Did Prince lyrics predict his death?

One of the premises of this site is that life takes place on many different levels. Most events in life have a deeper meaning if you look for it. As people look back on the life and death of musical icon Prince, it’s interesting to note that some of the lyrics in his songs seem to eerily predict details of his death.

The timing of Prince’s death

purple rosePrince died on April 21, 2016. There’s nothing strange about that. However, in a Prince song titled, Sometimes it Snows in April from the 1986 album Parade, Prince describes the death of a loved one in the month of April, and how the Spring used to be his favorite time of year, but now it only reminds him of the tears associated with loss.

The hook of the song is:

Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
and all good things, they say, never last

That he would choose April to associate with death, loss and grief and then go on to die in April is ironic or perhaps simply something his soul always knew.

The location of Prince’s death

Then there’s the fact that Prince died in an elevator. That’s already an uncomfortable thought – the ideas of elevators and being trapped and all. But when you look at the lyrics in Prince’s hit song Let’s Go Crazy that reference an elevator, once again, it  makes you wonder if Prince had an intuitive sense about how his death would play out.

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First of all, it’s important to note that the entire song has elements of death to it.

The first lyrics of the song are:

Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To get through this thing called life

Electric word life
It means forever and that’s a mighty long time
But I’m here to tell you
There’s something else
The after world

Then we get into the use of the word ‘elevator’:

And if the elevator tries to bring you down
Go crazy, punch a higher floor

Later in the song, he sings:

Are we gonna let the elevator
Bring us down
Oh, no let’s go!

Some speculate that in the song, the elevator symbolizes the devil, and Prince is singing that you can’t let the elevator (Satan) bring you down, and instead, you should move to a higher floor, which symbolizes God. I think the elevator isn’t the devil, but rather the mechanism that takes you from one floor or level or dimension to a higher one.  So if the elevator is the mechanism that takes you higher to God or to a higher dimension of life, how fascinating that Prince would leave this world in an elevator. He literally took the elevator to the next dimension.

Could this have been something he intuited when writing the song or did he sense he was dying and go to his elevator so that he could exemplify his own symbolism? Many believe that spirituality and creativity are experienced in the same part of the brain. The similarities between the lyrics and his death are fascinating.

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