Different types of Spirit Guides

As you develop spiritually, you may decide that you’d like to work more with your Spirit Guides and Angels. Your Spirit Guides are there to help you to resolve challenges and achieve what you are aiming for in life. Angels provide divine protection. Have you ever known someone who you know was 100 percent on your side? That’s the case with your Spirit Guides, as well. They want you to be healthy and happy and they are committed to helping you to get there (and stay there).

According to Sonia Choquette in her book Your Heart’s Desire, we have as many as 33 Spirit Guides working with us at any given time! Imagine if you were a small business owner with 33 employees who were at your beck and call? And in the case of your Spirit Guides, they’re all looking out for your best interest all the time. (You can’t say the same thing for your employees.)

Choquette also says that there are many different types of Spirit Guides. Here’s a rundown of the types she identifies in Your Heart’s Desire:

Runners: Spirit Guides that help you find things that are lost.

Helpers: Spirit Guides who inspire you or help you come up with solutions to different tasks.

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Healers: Spirit Guides who help you on the path to wellness and deal with health concerns.

Teachers: Spirit Guides who steer you along to the information and learning opportunities that you need.

Joy Guides: Spirit Guides who make you laugh and bring joy to your life.

Angels: Choquette describes them as “Beings of light who protect you and keep you from harm.”

Since all Spirit Guides are not the same, it’s easy to see why you have multiple Spirit Guides working with you at any given time. They each have their own responsibilities and tasks in your life. All of their roles are equally as important, and you’ll find that you need all of these different forms of help throughout your life.

If you want to learn more about your Spirit Guides and how to ask them for intuitive guidance, you can read more in Sonia Choquette’s Your Heart’s Desire.

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