Doreen Virtue a Born Again Christian; Feeling Betrayed?

So are you a Doreen Virtue fan? You know, Doreen Virtue, who is known for all of her work with angels? If you have been a Doreen Virtue fan and you’ve gotten a lot of comfort out of her books, cards and other teachings, you may be feeling like a seeker without a guide. That’s because Virtue has recently renounced her previous teachings and made a surprising announcement: Doreen Virtue ┬áis now a born-again Christian.

Doreen Virtue born again Christian

If you’re not sure what to do with that information, you’re like a lot of people who are part of the New Age and metaphysical communities. Doreen Virtue is a born again Christian. Ok. Wrapping my mind around that.

The problem people are having isn’t so much that Virtue’s beliefs have evolved. One thing about the metaphysical community: we recognize that spirituality is a personal thing that does evolve. We tend to be seekers and we go with what resonates with us at a particular time. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a fellow metaphysician talk about his journey with Buddhism, Wicca and the Kabbalah all in the same breath. It’s also not the fact that Virtue is now a born-again Christian that has folks riled up. A lot of metaphysicians/New Agers consider themselves to be Christian.

The problem is that she’s putting down the community that built her up, and she’s denouncing her own teachings, which have guided countless people through tough times and challenging personal journeys in their lives.

I’ve seen some extreme reactions. I’ve seen some people say they would burn her cards and books because they felt betrayed by her. I’ve seen some people say they believe she’s only making the change in order to tap into a new audience. Then there are those who feel hurt and genuinely lost. There are people who her teachings resonated with and now the person they looked up is telling them those beliefs are no longer valid.

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I have no problem with Virtue following her heart and embracing the form of spirituality that is best for her. However, shaming those who believe what she spent years teaching is not cool at all.

angelsSo how should Doreen Virtue’s former followers and angel lovers respond? Here’s the deal. Spirituality is not about the messenger; it’s about the message. If one person decides not to give a message that needs to be given, another person will step up and give it. So Virtue served a great purpose by introducing many people to concepts that they might not have otherwise learned. If she was the main spiritual teacher you resonate with, go to the bookstore and look through the metaphysical section. Set the intention that you find other authors and teachers to explore. And next time, refrain from having a guru. Take what you can take from various teachers, but noone can tell you what’s right for you except for you.

If you want to get rid of VIrtue’s books, I say follow your heart and go for it. I won’t be promoting Doreen Virtue’s products anymore, since she’s no longer resonating with them. If you decide to keep those works, that’s a great idea too. The message is valid if it resonates with you. Perhaps you’ve simply evolved beyond where Virtue was able to take you. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.


  • Hi

    Look at this:
    Now she joined Christianity, may be they will re-write this.

    Thank you

  • Veronica Belshaw

    I ran tarot, because I too was confused by her sudden changes. I was also confused when her partner passed away and how quickly she moved on to Michael (#2). I felt she was vulnerable and impressionable during a time where she lost her other mate.

    Anyway, back to tarot, it explains what has happened with her beautifully. It basically said she needed to self nurture and replenish herself and that is why she made the choices she has. While we do not agree with her choices and renouncement of a fabulous body of work she has created, something about going born again must resonate with her. I have my doubts about the altruism of the company she is presently keeping, but again, she is in self-care mode.

    Let us show her some compassion. Imagine how many people approach her and constantly require psychic and emotional energy? Isn’t this a fine way to close that portal from many needy people constantly wanting her advice on things that are 90% of the time first-world problems?

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Compassion is always the way to go. Thanks for the reminder.

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