doreen virtueAre you wondering what your dreams are trying to tell you? Have you dreamt of a loved one or experienced a troubling nightmare? Do you want clarity in your life or want to figure out which path to take in your love life or career? Your dreams likely hold the answers. Doreen Virtue shows you how to analyze them and get more insight out of your dreams moving forward.

Doreen Virtue is known for her work with angels. She has written a number of books about angels and how you can communicate with your angels.

In this course she will:

  • introduce you to the angels of dreamtime.
  • show you how to communicate with angels.
  • teach you how to remember your dreams.
  • show you how to interpret the guidance that you get.

Remember, dreams are typically not straightforward, so Doreen Virtue will show you how to read the symbols and the other imagery that your dreams use to get your attention.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a psychic development class or getting more insight into your life and the lives of others,┬átry this course on for size.

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