Earthquake dream? Did you predict the San Francisco quake?

Did you recently have an earthquake dream?

When people undergo Spiritual Awakenings or begin to experience their psychic ability, they often dream of catastrophes before they happen. Earthquakes, plane crashes, tsunamis and devastating storms are among the hazards that are commonly dreamt about. Not surprisingly, there are many instances of people having dreamt about the San Francisco earthquake before it hit. In fact, there are a number of prophetic dreams being reported about devastation happening in California in general. This YouTube channel has a series of prophecies about damage to California in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis.

If you did dream about the quake you should ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to unleash your psychic ability. The fact that the information filtered into your subconscious shows that you are ready to tap in and tune into your higher self.

Some people wonder if they are supposed to do anything with the information they get. In cases of catastrophes such as this probably not. However, you can use the experience of confirmation to yourself that your intuition can be trusted. So the next time you pick up something about your own life, you can remember how accurate you are and let yourself trust your gut.

Some famous psychics often make predictions about world events. Click here to read some psychic predictions for 2014, including some about earthquakes in California.

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