Election Stress? These Crystals May Help

Election stress crystals

As the 2020 Election gets close, Americans — and some others around the world — are clearly on edge. Let’s face it. Election stress is real.

Many Amercans view the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the most importnat election of their lifetimes. In fact, 68% say the election is a significant source of stress for them right now.

Anyone following the election closely is bound to be experiencing a ton of emotions. Here are some crystals that may prove successful in helping you cope with election stress.

A crystal for election anxiety

If you are experiencing anxiety wondering whether your candidate will win, try Blue Calcite. This crystal not only helps to calm the nerves but it dispels negative energy just in case you find yourself in a heated debate. Along those same lines, Blue Calcite is most effective for throat chakra work, which can help you communicate clearly particularly when you are communicating with someone with whom you don’t share the same views. (If the Blue Calcite doesn’t work, you may even try your luck with a worry stone or two.)

A crystal to combat voter anger

If anger is your predominant mood because of the heated political landscape or a political smear against your chosen candidate, try Apatite. This stone is known for not only easing anger, but it can also do a number on apathy, which some might argue is simply anger turned inward. There is a side benefit to working with Apatite. In addition to helping to cool hot tempers, Apatite is known for quelling your appetite and helping some people to lose weight.

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A crystal to help you persist — or resist

If you need some persistence or fortitude to help you stand in line for hours to cast your vote, take a piece of Red Chalcedony with you. Not only is this stone known for cultivating confidence in the person who works with it, but it is often used for inspiring persistence to see something through. So whether you are volunteering by making last-minute calls for a campaign, canvassing local neighborhoods in your mask to get out the vote or waiting in line to make your choice known, Red Chalcedony can help you to make it across the finish line. 

A crystal to relax you

If you spend your evenings watching cable news coverage of the election, your sleep routine may be off until the election is over — or even longer if the results aren’t known immediately. A little Smoky Quartz can go a long way toward helping you wind down. Once the election is over, you can continue to use it for grounding and even meditation, as it is known for its anchoring qualities.

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