Everything you wanted to know about soulmates

The relationships we have play a huge role in our spiritual growth. Whether it’s romantic relationships or those we have with our family and our friends, some of our greatest lessons are inspired by our relationship experiences. Some relationships are particularly meaningful in our lives: those of our soulmates. 

When it comes to our soulmates, it’s often easy to pick them out. In fact there are signs that you’ve found your soulmate. These are the people who we feel an instant like — or dislike — for. While some people mistakenly believe that soulmates are only those who we have romantic relationships with, the truth is a soulmate can be a parent, a child, a friend or even an enemy. Soulmates are here to help us to evolve spiritually, whether by inspiring us to love or by motivating us to change or take action.

Another common myth people have about soulmates is the belief that we have only one.

In reality, we have multiple soulmates that we interact with through the course of each lifetime. Chances are you encountered your soulmates in more than one lifetime, as souls tend to evolve together in soul groups. In fact, soulmates are often confused with one’s twin flame, of which you have only one. Your twin flame can be described as your other half.

Those who subscribe to the notion believe that every soul has been split into two, and we have an innate desire to connect to our other half, which is the twin flame. If you’ve ever yearned for love, you may have been searching for your twin flame in all of the wrong places.

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While we are meant to benefit from the lessons of soul mate relationships, it is very much possible to miss meeting some of our soulmates — at least temporarily. We may miss opportunities to connect because we’re not present, or we’re so disconnected from our soul that we don’t notice that soulmate who is sitting next to us in a restaurant, or the soulmate who just started working in the office cubicle next to ours.

While eventually we do meet and interact with all of our soulmates, we can speed up the process sometimes by being spiritually ready and even setting the intention to call a particular soulmate into our lives. Many people are interested in working with romantic soulmates, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, the best romantic relationships are those with soulmates, so setting an intention to call in a romantic soulmate can not only be satisfying to your desire for a romantic relationship, but it can help you to evolve spiritually, as well.

The self-help program Attracting a Soulmate, sets out to help people to intend and attract a romantic soulmate relationship. It includes subliminal audio clips to help you to heal past hurts as you subconsciously change your expectations so that you are open to the idea of a soulmate romantic relationship. Often, we think we’re open to the idea, but subconsciously, we’re  telling the Universe to keep such a relationship away.

True soulmate relationships can be rewarding whether they are romantic or not. In fact, we may feel so close to someone that we believe we can read each other’s thoughts. However, these relationships can also be rocky and painful. After all, sometimes our most painful relationships have led to our biggest growth. And growth and evolution are very important to all of us on the soul level.

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