Forget about your sign; what about your path?

Often people use astrology as a way to gain insight into someone. Who hasn’t had someone ask them at one time or another ‘what’s your sign?’ But another question that can also reveal a lot about someone is ‘what’s your path?’

In numerology, one of the most important numbers to know is your life path. If you know someone’s life path number, you gain insight into what types of opportunities will come their way, as well as an idea of some of their chief talents. While most people know what astrological sign they were born under, it’s less common to find people who know off the top of their heads what their life path number is. Luckily, it is pretty easy to figure it out.

To calculate your life path number, you add together the numbers of your birthdate and reduce them to a single digit. That single digit is the life path number.

For example, if your birthdate is June 8, 1963, you would add together 6 (for the sixth month of June) + 8 +1963. This brings us to 1977 (The sum of 6 +8+1963). You must then keep going until you get to a single digit, so you add up 1 +9+7+7 =24. Then, you keep going and add 2 +4. The final answer is 6, which would be the life path number for a person with a birthday of June 8, 1963.

There are nine major life paths that people fall into.

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Life Path 1 signifies a leader. These tend to be very motivated and ambitious people. They may also be perfectionists. While these are people you want around to get things done, they may not respond well to authority because they don’t like being told what to do.

Life Path 2 signifies someone who is good at compromise and cooperation. These are often the peacekeepers and negotiators. They’ll be looking for a win-win situation if one is at all possible. They also tend to be very empathetic to the plights of others. One potential flaw: they often don’t take competition well. But again, they’re not looking to compete; they’re looking to compromise.

Life Path 3 tends to be common among entertainers. They tend to crave being the center of attention so they’re the people you want to invite to a party. However, they are easily bored so they need something to keep them occupied at all times.

Life Path 4 people tend to be very hard-working and conscientious. They like to build things and see progress in their work. They tend to like routine, and they are planners who don’t like to stray too far from their blueprint of life.

Life Path 5 describes people who thrive on change and can convince anyone that change is the best thing. These are natural born salespeople who can push society to embrace something new. These are also the risk-takers. They can spot opportunity and seize upon it before it is readily apparent to others.

Life Path 6 is common to those who like to teach others. They tend to be caring individuals who not only want the best for themselves, but they want the best for those around them. Some might even call them meddlers, but these are great people to have in your corner.

Life Path 7 refers to those who tend to thrive in solitude. They may be very intuitive, and love to work for themselves so they can be inner-guided and don’t have to follow the orders of others. This person might avoid some social situations like the plague.

Life Path 8 describes those who feel comfortable when they are struggling to achieve something. They are the strong-willed people who achieve things many others don’t, but are willing, again, to undergo a struggle in order to do so. They are also very goal-oriented and will work on those goals until the end.

Life Path 9 describes those who are most compassionate and concerned about the world. These might be philanthropists, and others who are idealistic about making the world a better place. People with this life path may lead a religious group or non-profit that’s dedicated to bringing good to the world.

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