Full Moon in Libra 2020: A Good Time to Quarantine

full moon in Libra 2020

I’m all for appreciating a good full moon. The power. The energy. The beauty. But this full moon in Libra 2020 may unleash more power than some may be wanting to deal with.

The Full Moon in Libra occurs April 7, 2020 at 10:35 p.m. EST. Libra is known for being a friendly sign, one that is fair and just and one that has a humanitarian and artistic nature. The moon in Libra conjures up the awareness of our relationships.

Full moons are potent. They represent a culmination of energy that began with the most recent new moon — in this case, the new moon in Aries, which was particularly action oriented in the fire sign.

In our personal lives, we may see relationship issues come to a head. If there’s been a problem with a relationship that has been lurking beneath the surface, this may be the time that it comes into full awareness.

If we’re quarantining with loved ones and we’re starting to get on each other’s nerves, this full moon may prompt some confrontations as we figure out what we must do to create the most nurturing environment for our relationships to continue to thrive.

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Why this full moon is particularly volatile

So why is the Full Moon in Libra packing even more power than usual? The answer actually lies in what else is going on astrologically that day. As the full moon makes its trek through the sign of Libra, the two planets Mars and Uranus are making an interesting aspect.

On April 7, Mars will be square to Uranus. In other words, those two planets will experience a level of friction with one another because of their positioning.

Mars is a planet of aggression and it can sometimes bring negative experiences such as accidents and violence. I was once involved in a major car accident and the day of the accident Mars was very prominent in my chart.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change, and the changes that Uranus prompts are often big transformative changes.

So with Mars and Uranus experiencing some friction, there is the possibility for something major to erupt and aggressively bring on a sudden change that you may or may not want.

That energy is powerful in and of itself. Add the potent energy of the full moon and you have a potential powder keg on the Full Moon in Libra 2020.

Not only might that power be evident on the global stage, but it may show up in your personal life as well. If it does, it may lead to a blowup.

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