Full Moon in Pisces: August 26, 2018 ~ What to Expect

full moon in piscesThis morning I woke up feeling exhausted. And moody. Rife with heavy emotions. I didn’t fight it. Recognizing that we’re on the cusp of the full moon in Pisces, I knew that I typically feel more emotional during the full moon than during other times. Couple that with the fact that I’ve entered Virgo season, and my birthday is days away, I’m not surprised by the feelings of introspection.

But no two full moons are exactly the same. Every full moon falls in a specific zodiac sign, which can affect how that full moon shows up for you. This month the full moon falls in Pisces. Here’s what some astrologers say we should expect.

Sandy Sitron tells the-numinous.com that this full moon puts the spotlight on two opposite signs. It’s Virgo season, and earthly Virgo is known for being practical and getting things done. Yet, the full moon is in watery Pisces, which is characterized by deep emotion. Neither path is perfect; there is a time for being practical and a time for being emotional. This full moon gives us the opportunity to blend the two. “While drifting in the Pisces sea of feeling, Virgo energy can help us stay rooted in the moment,” Sitron says.

Jaime Partridge of AstrologyKing.com reminds us that the full moon has a connection to the previous new moon. The seeds planted during the previous new moon now are ready for harvest at the start of the full moon. Remember, the previous new moon was a solar eclipse so consider any intentions that you set into motion and see if any interesting developments crop up around them in the coming days. Partridge also shares that this full moon might mark a good time to brush up on occult or tarot skills; likewise, it’s also a good time for making money or making big corporate moves.

Full Moon in Pisces

Rachel Celeste Hansen shares on Astrology.com that this full moon in Pisces will be a time in which the spiritual world and the material world seem to merge into one. It reminds us that these worlds are intertwined and what we saw as ‘reality’ may seem to shift before our very eyes.  Full moons are always times of clarity for me and I often find that illusions seem to fade away, so the idea of reality changing before my eyes makes a lot of sense.

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Hansen suggests that we give ourselves time and space for downtime, whether we meditate, sleep, listen to music or create. It will be helpful to allow ourselves to process the messages that this full moon is ready to bring. If you feel uncomfortable delving into spiritual and emotional matters, remember that we are in Virgo season, so the energy of Virgo can make things easier by serving as a grounding tool.

Tanishka of the Moon Woman Blog reminds us that this full moon in Pisces comes at a time when we’re experiencing several planets that are in retrograde — think Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto. That means we may be going within and feeling the desire to hibernate and contemplate. Follow your intuition and do what your spirit guides you to do.

The full moon in Pisces is an opportunity. I’m going to make some full moon water to tap into its emotional goodness and journal to see what messages it has to relate to me.

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